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Septiembre 20, 2011

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CruiseOne Pleasure Cruises Franchise

Join a rewarding activity and get in contact with the most attractive places in the world

CruiseOne has been in the Pleasure Cruise business for over two decades, becoming one of the largest retailers in the nation, franchising since 1993, and presently having nearly 700 travel franchises, which constitutes a solid success for independent franchisees that have recognized the benefits of the business.

Today CruiseOne is part the World Travel Holdings Group, which is the largest cruise seller in the world.

Customer Satisfaction Services

CruiseOne online reservation system provides you with 24/7 to rates and special offers in real time, so you can provide an excellent service, supported in the "Satisfaction Guarantee" policy. As an example we can mention that a passenger with a problem during the course of his/her journey is assured of his/her flight back to the port of departure, and a reimbursement of the unused portion.

The lack of experience in the activity is not relevant

At its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL, CruiseOne conducts a comprehensive training of the new franchisees, making them become aware not only of the "know how" developed to carry out their activities, but also to connect them with other cruisers members belonging to the Group.

You can handle your business from home, not competing with the Headquarters. Customers can book through the franchise owners, with the use of the private franchise owner website.

The training has several stages, including continuing education both on land and on board. Every year, there is a National Conference that is performed at sea, in which the experiences and best practices of franchisees are exchanged, promoting a productive close contact and keeping abreast of new policies, technology and strengthening of the Company’s new and permanent objectives.

It also has a "Boot Camp" program to develop the business of the franchisees on the road to success. It also allows new franchisees to work with other experienced franchisees to establish good practices, becoming a valuable learning proven practice in real situations, which will allow you to quickly grasp the soul of business.

A recognized and participatory brand

CruiseOne is member of:
  • International Franchise Association (IFA)
  • Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • VetFran Initiative (opportunities for our veterans)
Take an informed wise decision

To consult those who know best about the franchise business, without any additional cost, not now, nor the time of the consultation, or at any later step in the process.
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