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Septiembre 19, 2011

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An opportunity to acquire low-cost Alco Buddy franchises

A smart way to start your own business

Alco Buddy, maker of the best breathalyzer vending machines gives you the possibility of starting your own business without leaving your current activity. It is a franchise with characteristics that are very convenient for you to start in the business world:
  • It is a low investment business
  • No need for investments in real estate or rentals
  • You can organize your time to run this business
  • It is a typical home-based business activity
  • It has a feature that makes it unique, which is providing a service to the community, helping to avoid accidents
Alcohol and its effects on the body

In very small amounts, alcohol can help a person feel more relaxed or less anxious, but in larger quantities, alcohol causes greater changes in the brain, resulting in intoxication. We all know the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol, even when everybody is different, it is extremely useful to know the blood alcohol content (BAC) you have in order to decide how to return home.

Alcohol is a depressant. The operation of the central nervous system slows down, so the brain receives late messages (or it doesn’t receive messages directly in cases of serious intoxication) messages that should arrive in a timely manner, becoming a serious situation in case you are behind the wheel. Alcohol alters perceptions, movements, and made dangerous by the lack of good sense in the eyes and ears.

You can start your business in your community and around your home

Alco-Buddy offers you the chance to start your own business by placing Alco-Buddy breathalyzers vending machines in your community facilities, providing good help to those who want to know their blood alcohol concentration.

The machines can be purchased in units or in larger amounts, according to your financial capacity.

This activity is both cost effective in relation to investment, and it meets an important social role as a contributor to responsible alcohol intake, which ends up benefiting the entire community.

Best locations for the machines

In general, every place where alcoholic beverages are served is a suitable place to install a breathalyzer vending machine.

Moreover, in the specific places where the main activity is the sale of alcoholic beverages, having a Alco Buddy machine gives a good image to the business, thereby demonstrating the importance the company gives to the welfare of their customers and the community in general.

Installation can be advised by the franchising Company, based on your experience, so you can get all the necessary support for its location in the selected business.

Learn more about this low-investment business

To learn more and make your decision to start your own business, you can consult those who know best about the franchising business, at no cost, not now, nor at the time of the consultation, or at any subsequent step of the process.
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