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Octubre 12, 2011

¡Conviértete en tu Propio Jefe AHORA!
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Uni K Wax Center Franchise offers you a unique opportunity

The best hair removal center in the United States

Uni K Wax Center specializes in hair removal, offering a personal attention for both men and women, having a presence in the market for almost 20 years, and based on their performance, quality of care, refined techniques and competitive prices, it has positioned itself at a high level of recognition and has earned the loyalty of customers.

An opportunity to start your own successful business

Due to its success, Uni K Wax Center has decided to give renewed impetus to its presence in the market with new hair removal centers, and the more suitable way to comply with this policy is to expand with the franchise format, which multiplies rapidly its presence on several fronts simultaneously.

The Company has a franchise program that offers customers a closer attention and gives the opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business, with the replication of a proven and successful system.

A clear commitment to success in a franchising format

UKW Franchising wants to consolidate a successful venture, convinced that the franchise is a community of relationships and common interests that must be supported and strengthened every day in order to continue a successful performance for the benefit of members that make the operation: franchisor, franchisee, its employees and suppliers, all working in a coordinated and collaborative way.

From the beginning, as long as the franchisee carefully follows the proven system that he/she will be made available, starting a new business will be a rewarding experience that will allow you to apply all your energy and enthusiasm in order to provide the best waxing experience a customer can wait.

A road to a happy outcome, with an invaluable support

UKW Franchising Company, LLC, supports its franchisees with the help of experienced professionals in all aspects of business. From initial training to the owner and Uni K Wax University, to site selection for the installation of the waxing center, motivation and support staff development, marketing and community relations assistance.

Everything from A to Z is included in the continued support you will receive from the Company.

Learn more about the conditions for being a franchisee

Contact those who know best about franchising conditions and characteristics, with no obligation and at no cost, not now or at in any later step in the process. Categorías: General: Franquicias Generales | Belleza: Franquicias del Sector de Belleza

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