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Octubre 7, 2011

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Lots of business opportunities for the Hispanic population in Texas

Hispanic community leading growth

As we know from the results of the Census 2010, Hispanics show the greatest population growth in the country and Texas is an example of that, showing the most notable growth.

At the country level, Hispanics represent over 15% of the total population, or nearly 50 million. In Texas, Hispanics represent 36% of the state's population, or nearly 9 million. Texas has the second largest Hispanic population, after California. View Texas in Last 2010 U.S. Census.

Another feature that will have an increasing influence in the future, in an aging society, is that Hispanic children, 18 years old or younger, represent one quarter of the national population in that age range.

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Huge growth for Hispanic businesses in Texas 

Hispanics are the segment of the population with the fastest growth in the state. They are involved in 65% of global growth, according to sociologist Steve Murdock, Rice University.

"Historically in this city if you work hard and have a good plan, you will succeed, no matter if you come from a particular family or a specific area of the city," said Laura Murillo, president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Houston. The Chamber has increased the number of its members in the past four years by 600%.

Texas Hispanic future

The Hispanic community used to have lower levels of education in the past when compared to the general population in the state. This trend will be reversed in the future, as Hispanic students are now a majority in Texas public schools, according to state government reports, released in April 2011.

Just over 50% of the 4.9 million students are Hispanic, according to official data for the current school year.

Hispanic entrepreneurial spirit

The Hispanic community has shown that almost 70% of the population has a desire to be his/her own boss.

An opportunity that can help Hispanics to start their own business is the franchise business, as this system provides the security of a recognized brand, the know-how of their activity, paving the way for new entrepreneurs. The brands that offer franchises, have ongoing support for franchisees from the start, with training and software support, as well as in terms of management, finance and marketing, that is usually difficult, risky and expensive if you start on your own.

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Search the best business opportunities and franchises in the State of Texas

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