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Octubre 10, 2011

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Large Hispanic business presence in New York

Consolidation for the Hispanic Population

As a result of the 2011 Census figures publication, we can refresh our impression of what we all observed about the consolidation of the Hispanic presence in the State of New York population, being the NYC the city setting the direction. View New York at a glance.

As revealed, the State of New York has a population of more than 3 million Hispanics, being the fourth state by the number of Hispanic residents within the United States of America, after California, Texas and Florida.

However, due to the large population of the state, their share reaches 17%, which is notable, something tempered when compared to California where Hispanics share is 37%, because of the historical influence and a more familiar climate and its proximity to Mexico. It is easy to get there in a weekend long car trip.

Today distances have almost disappeared as a measure of distance, and Hispanics are "living in the neighborhood" in the case of California and Texas.

Search business opportunities and franchises in the State of New York

Business opportunities for Hispanic entrepreneurs

New York is one of the States where Hispanics not only account for the successful and proactive integration, but are organized so that they have all necessary support to develop their business with the participation of a formally organized community, such as the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, which are of great presence.

Just to name a few we can refer to:

All of these Chambers of Commerce have lots of Hispanic businesses and members are permanently supported to facilitate business inclusion, and updating about the market, seminars, conferences, etc.

With this institutional support Latino entrepreneurs have the potential to increase the level of their businesses, professionals relate to each other, they have the potential to establish more fluid contacts with large corporations, they have a voice that can be heard in Congress to support laws that promote or stop hindering their activities. As well as contacts with federal agencies such as SBA loans, and Updating Training Programs, etc., Etc.

Starting your own business

There are two ways to start your own business, within Hispanic spirit of being independent and which we have discussed in other articles:

  • Start your own business at your own risk, for which, you must know the industry in which you attempt to enter. You will also need to know about the market, and all aspects of the business, as well as having a reliable financial and administrative support and organization.
  • Start your own business, but not alone. That is, acquiring a franchise that is already established and recognized in the market.
    You will be provided with the know-how and the proper training by the franchisor company.

Within the market, entrepreneurs will know to distinguish a business opportunity, as you will find companies that will help you set up a franchise with all the financial, technical, management and marketing support.

Also for business in general, the likelihood that you will do well by doing business on your own is less than half of acquiring a franchise, where large numbers have a chance of success, exceeding 85% success rate.

If you are Hispanic and you are looking for a profitable business opportunity, do not hesitate to consult those who know more about franchise business, without any cost for the consultant, not now or in any subsequent stage of the process.

Search business opportunities and franchises in the State of New York

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