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Octubre 25, 2011

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Join as a franchisee to the success of Uni K Wax Center Excellence in Hair Removal

Start your own business with a solid support

Uni K Wax Center offers the best waxing service for men and women, with a proven system that combines everything a customer wants to get in a hair removal experience.

Uni K Wax Center specializes only in hair removal, with personalized attention and a presence in the market for almost 20 years where based on its performance, quality of care, refined techniques and competitive prices, has established itself on a high level of recognition and has earned the loyalty of customers.

A highly tested and refined working method

Every little detail has been designed and tested in an efficient manner, so that our franchisees can provide a very pleasant waxing experience to all our customers.

There are different hair removal options such as the machine, laser and cream. But waxing was perfected by Uni K Wax Center, since it is a far superior method than the above mentioned, by applying the wax to body temperature which makes it a relaxed experience.

With the use of waxing, the hair is removed from its root and the bulb becomes weaker and makes the hair to grow thinner and weaker.

Another significant advantage is that the hair takes much longer to grow since the repeated waxing weakens the hair.

Finally, we can add that, after waxing, the skin is softer and smoother, since the procedure is only applied to the hair, not attacking the skin as other methods do.

Technical, management and marketing support for the franchisee

Uni K Wax Center provides intensive training to waxing personnel at the Uni K Wax University, by providing reference manuals and electronic supplements, with the necessary training tools to perform according to the standard of excellence maintained by the Company for the last 20 years. The franchisee will receive ongoing support in all aspects of business, since the success of the franchisee is the success of all those who represent this prestigious firm, including:
  • Planning and assistance with the opening of your Center
  • Consulting in store selection
  • Design Guidelines
  • Assistance with key suppliers
  • Access to our operational manual
  • Assistance with initial inventory and equipment purchase
  • Support through Human Resources
  • Motivation and staff development
  • Intensive training program for the franchisee
  • Customer Service
  • Use of our POS system
  • Centralized Purchasing
  • Financial Reports
  • Support for marketing and PR, including the inauguration of the Center
  • Use of our marketing campaign
  • Assistance with local marketing
Learn more about the conditions for being a franchisee

You can access to all information about the specific conditions, in order to make a positive decision of which you will not regret; your consultation will be welcomed and there is no cost, not now or at the time of consultation or at any later step in the process. Categorías: General: Franquicias Generales | Belleza: Franquicias del Sector de Belleza

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