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Octubre 24, 2011

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Choice Hotels continues its worldwide expansion through franchises

About Choice Hotels Intl. Inc.

This company has over 6,000 franchised hotels in 35 countries, obviously including the United States of America.

This represents an offer of nearly half a million rooms. Towards the end of 2010 there were more than 500 hotels under construction in the United States, with an added room supply of approximately 40,000 rooms.

Additionally, in another 20 countries, about 90 hotels were in the final process of reconditioning with an additional offer of 8,000 rooms more added to the great chain of Choice Hotels.

The Choice Hotels chain currently has the following fully operational brands: Quality, Sleep Inn, Clarion, Cambria Suites, MainStay Suites, Suburban Extended, Stay Hotel, Econo Lodge and Rodeway Inn.

These hotels offer the most diverse forms of accommodation, covering all market needs, whether for business meetings, as well as small and intimate environments, covering all the circumstances which someone could want to enjoy an accommodation to the extent of his/her exclusive and personal tastes.

In addition, through its Ascend Collection membership program, travelers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean can enjoy luxury accommodations in both capacity-limited exclusive hotels with great personalized service, as well as historical and unique hotels.

In all 6,000 hotels travelers can book accommodations, 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world, even from their iPhones.

Choice Hotels continues the development of new franchisees

Choice Hotels, not only knows the business, but enjoys managing a proven and successful known-how model. Constantly introducing new forms of services by the experience gained through years of observation, so that we can offer everything a traveler could want according to his/her preferences and personal needs.

The franchise owners don’t need to have previous experience in the industry as the company stands behind all the training and support needed to manage one of their units, making new owners a successful location within the prestigious Choice Hotels world.

A unique opportunity for the Hispanic World

Choice Hotels' commitment to minorities is given by the act of facilitating financing, with a severe reduction of initial costs to establish a franchise.

Following the success of this ongoing campaign, in May 2005 the "Alliance of Choice Hotels Hispanic Owners" was formed, where the new franchisee may have all the information, experience and knowledge of those who already have a successful business operation.

This business philosophy with strong support for minorities has not been unnoticed by the "National Initiative for Minority Franchises", recognizing Choice Hotels as part of the "Top 50 Franchises for Minorities" in the last three years.

That is where the Hispanic World is, among many other communities that are supported by this Company.

Learn more about the advantages of Choice Hotels franchises

You can ask all questions you need to, without any obligation and without any additional cost, not now or at any later step in the process. Please complete the form below for more information: Categorías: General: Franquicias Generales | Hoteles: Franquicias del Sector Hotelero

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