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Noviembre 22, 2011

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WSI Franchises, a current lifestyle

The Internet is here to stay

There is no place in the developed world, where there is no computer connected to the Internet. For reasons of culture and activity, there is some regional development in business, but the current market for the vast majority of products is the entire world.

Never has the world been "just around the corner" as it is today. Being in business and wanting to be known and promote the products and services without the involvement of the Internet is now unthinkable.

The problem for SMEs is to have a balance between performance and cost of actions needed to be visible in the market.

WSI's success is based on its global development

WSI is the # 1 market consultant, and has reached such a critical point of extension and information available to their consultants, franchisees, making its product offering tailored to each company, with a combination of essential elements that fit each particular case.

WSI network being so large, the costs of research and development, technical production and specialized services are shared among all franchise consultants, making customers receive a world-class service at a very low price. Compare this with the typical local developers, which must recover all costs of development in a project by project basis. This is where WSI makes the difference in cost-effective solutions for the franchisee consultant and for SMEs.

WSI has a registered Modular Development Technology. This program creates the necessary framework for faster and affordable web sites. It works such as DNA, WSI says, which consists of four simple amino acids, but combined in different ways, succeed in the creation of a huge number of different complex organisms. Therefore, WSI has developed a series of building blocks that make up the "DNA of the Network" a unique solution on the Internet.

These blocks are combined differently to meet the needs of each particular job, giving each customer a unique solution for their business.

The ever-expanding Internet network

Verisign has reported that there are now about 200 million registered Web sites in the world, and the number keeps growing at a rate of 40,000 new sites registered every day.

It follows easily that for a company having a presence on the Internet is absolutely necessary but not sufficient.

How do you think, that those who surf the Internet access your site (without knowing the address of course), in such an impenetrable tangle?

Anyone wanting to get to someone like you in searches through Google, for example, will find you. But that result is probably on page 10 or 15, right?

So one of the main services is the search engine optimization (SEO for short in English), which will result in the visibility of a particular page. It is not, enough to be on the Internet, you should be able to be found. That's the reason of this service among many others provided by WSI.

Proved franchisee training

WSI offers its franchisees Consultants an Internet training program like no other in the franchise industry today.

WSI provides the knowledge and tools necessary to become a Certified Internet Marketing Consultant who can be the partner that SMEs need to succeed online.

Conditions for the WSI franchisee

To learn more about being a WSI franchisee, working from your home, consult those most familiar with the franchise business for no obligation and no additional cost to the consultant, not now or in any subsequent step of the process. Categorías: General: Franquicias Generales | Internet y Tecnología: Franquicias de Internet

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