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Noviembre 7, 2011

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MAACO, Leading Franchise in bodywork repair and painting

Excellent opportunity to invest in an outstanding franchise

The success rate of Maaco franchisees is so recognized that the Federal SBA (Small Business Administration) acknowledges and supports new franchisees.

Maaco has approximately 500 franchise centers operating across the United States and Canada, which together have achieved sales of half a billion dollars.

With nearly 40 years in the auto body repair and painting market, Maaco has repaired about 16,500,000 vehicles. Currently about 650,000 vehicles are successfully served in a year, more than any other company in the market.

A recession-resistant profitable business

The family vehicle, so essential to the American way of life, must be repaired since it is a fundamental element in daily life. Moreover, commercial vehicles must stay in perfect working order as they contribute with all industries. Also, the image of companies depends on the condition of their fleet.

The police cars also demand services and need to be in optimum condition.

This does not affect the low level of activity that occurs periodically since it is service considered essential. So much so that more and more vehicle owners pay out of their pockets for collision repair costs, as insurance sums are set to be paid by the owner, for at least part of the expense. That’s why owners, with the prices offered by Maaco, face the cost without affecting the insurance future renewal cost.

In addition, more and more vehicle owners only to secure their third party liability, taking charge of their own costs, when reason tells the opposite. This has been seen in recent accidents caused by the harsh winter in large parts of the country.

No need for previous experience in repairs

Maaco franchisees come from the most diverse activities. The prospects do need to have the ability and dedication in managing the business. With appropriate staff and applying the know-how that the Company has developed over decades of knowledge and experience, new franchisees can achieve the optimal results five hundred franchisees have already achieved.

To learn more about the possibility of starting your own business, contact the who can inform you about, at no additional cost to you, not now, nor at any subsequent step. Please complete the form below:
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