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Noviembre 1, 2011

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Liberty Tax Service, the opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own franchising business

An activity for which the market is the entire population

Liberty Tax Service® covers an ideal market that any industry would love to have: customers who are convinced and also bound by the national laws to act properly in their tax preparation.

Over the years, taxation has become more complex, since in the past four decades, changes to tax laws have been numerous, and the current state of the global economy, which is almost national, since the world was never been so "just around the corner" as it is today, where the economies of the countries are making adjustments all the time with economic measures, from which taxes are also a vital part.

Every day, more and more people come to the tax preparation companies, not only because of the tax preparation complexity but also to take advantage of unknown rights that benefit them. The tax preparation companies are constantly updated with changes in tax law in order to make a proper presentation each year that in the long run will save you many headaches if the information is not presented the right way.

Liberty Tax Service®, has increased the number of Liberty offices to 3,800 in just 14 years, and a market presence of more than 40 years.

A recession-resistant business

If there is a date that people know is April 15 deadline for filing annual tax information. Also even though it is obvious, it is important to remember that the economy situation is not relevant, the tax preparation business is always constant, proportional to the population that is economically active.

No need for previous tax experience

Liberty Tax Service® will provide you the necessary training so you can open your own business within your community.

The professional tax preparation of the franchisees begins with a week in the corporate offices in Virginia Beach, VA, complemented with printed manuals, online materials, training methods, online seminars, training at your location and other cities, conference calls and newsletters.

In summary, the franchisee will have the best preparation to develop his/her business.

Liberty Tax Service Recognition

The many awards to Liberty Tax Service performacnce and track record, include:
  • The specialized journal Entrepreneur ranked Liberty Tax Service®, as the #1 company in its category for its outstanding service.
  • Recognition to the Entrepreneur of the Year for President John Hewitt, CEO of Liberty Tax Service® by the International Franchise Association.
Get more information on the conditions to be a Liberty Tax Service® franchisee

If you are an entrepreneur who lives in the United States or Canada, and you have the time to devote to an activity where conditions you can develop relationships with people naturally, always with the fundamental support of a successfully positioned company, and you have at least $ 50,000, do not hesitate to contact us at no cost, not now or the time of consultation or at in any subsequent step in the process. Categorías: General: Franquicias Generales | Impuestos: Franquicias de Impuestos

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