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Noviembre 8, 2011

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CHOICE HOTELS INT. Focusing on Hispanic Franchisees

Recognition to the commitment by Choice Hotels®

The National Initiative for Minority Franchising has positioned Choice Hotels ® among the "Top 50 Franchises for Minorities" consecutively for the past three years.

This distinguishes the brand as one of the brands making a special effort to provide a successful business opportunity for the Hispanic population, within the broader world of minorities.

Support for Hispanics interested in a Choice Hotels franchise

The Choice Hotels Alliance of Hispanic Owners, was formed in 2005, and among other benefits, allows the Hispanic franchisee to incorporate the experiences and information from those who have been successful in developing a Choice Hotels ® franchise, a brand of prestige and visibility giving a positive boost to the activity for all franchisees.

Choice Hotels key to success

Choice Hotels®, bases its success in generating new ideas and the ways to implement them, which constantly exceed the industry standards.

This has been done during the 65 years of experience in the industry, which has made Choice Hotels ® the premium brand that stands out for its management, organization and marketing.

The Company strongly encourages the success of the franchisee with financial support, since the result achieved in each unit is obviously translated in the overall company’s success.

The initial costs for the undertaking of new locations by the incorporated franchisees are sharply lower with the aim of promoting the new entrepreneurs, who will continue, right from the start, with a commitment to satisfy a Choice Hotels market development, offering the largest variety of accommodation.

No need for previous experience in the industry

Choice Hotels® provides all the necessary tools to manage a hotel, enabling franchisees to implement a tested and successful know how.

Franchisees come from various activities, but with the motivation to take on a task which, although scheduled to the smallest details, needs permanent and careful management in order to be successful and develop as expected by customers visiting every day and requiring the high quality services offered by this company.

An investment in a company like Choice Hotels® is a great business opportunity

Register to know more about the benefits of the support plan that the Company has developed, with the participation of a group of professionals dedicated "full time" in attracting Hispanic prospects and educate them to be part of the Choice Hotels® Family.
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