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Mayo 16, 2012

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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Franchises: reliable business ideas

A franchise with wide range of investment levels

There are different franchise brands in the market that offer wide ranges of investment. The size and extent of a specific franchise depends on the capital available. The investment level ranges from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000, but there are franchises entrepreneurs can start with only $ 1,000, and others with up to a quarter of a million dollars, all with the same brand.

A vast market both nationally and globally

This is a 100 billion dollars industry, being one with the fastest growth in the United States.

The family or business cleaning budget is something that can’t be cut. Homes, workshops and offices have to care for the health of people living or working in them, as either case, because it is not something that can be dismissed when budget is cut.

At home, because of modern life pace, time is short to perform these tasks. However, maintaining a clean home is a priority, because of health and comfort and the self-esteem that generates returning each day to a clean and welcoming environment.

For businesses, the health your staff is essential to keep a high performance, coupled with the good impression it has on customers and suppliers to enter to clean and pleasant environment. 

Check cleaning franchises

Great support by franchising companies

Buying a cleaning franchise is a good decision, since there is no need for previous experience in the industry, as the franchisor will provide training to develop the business, not only in the operational side, but in many cases the franchisee will get assistance on the financial side, even solving all aspects related with administration and marketing.

A recession and season resistant business

There are excellent businesses but where low activity at negative economic times, since those who consume the product, or use services, cut those costs that are often not essential. Regarding seasonality, there are also very good businesses, but may be seasonal, such as tourism in a region, etc. The climate doesn’t influence the cleaning business, and it favors it in many cases.

Residential and commercial cleaning is needed every day of the year, regardless of the customs, weather and schedules. Living and working spaces must be cleaned 24/365.

Learn more about the Commercial Cleaning industry, and have the opportunity to change your life with a stable and successful activity.

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the U.S.




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