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Mayo 11, 2012

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Hispanic entrepreneurship and franchising companies

The independent Latin spirit

For those who know the Latin spirit of being their own bosses, the franchise business is an important step in starting your own business. You have the advantage of not being alone in the market, but representing an established and recognized brand, with know-how from years of experience, which can provide continuous support as it is obvious that the success of the franchisees will the success of the Franchisor Company.

The owners of the brand appreciate the willingness of the Hispanic community, who in addition to their entrepreneurial spirit and in pursuit of their sense of independence, know that if they follow the procedures established by the franchise company and supported by the benefit of marketing and brand recognition, they can apply this way of being or Latin tendency to independence, because they always strive for more in their ventures – whatever they are.

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States

A Community which is the largest minority in the country

It is a fact that franchising companies know what it means to address the members of the Hispanic community, which as reported by the Census Bureau 2010, has proved to have more than 50.5 million inhabitants in the country. They represent approximately 16% of the total population and in the last 10 years (Census 2000 to Census 2010) the Hispanic community grew 43%, while the average growth for country was only 10%.

Ways in which franchising companies are communicating

We have been observed a recent increase in the number of company webpages, which as a first step have included a Spanish version, aimed at capturing the interest of those potential Hispanic customers that are Spanish-dominant or bilingual.

While franchises are businesses in the U.S., for anyone even within our country, the native language is something that touches and identifies them. In the midst of a conversation with many people, who won’t turn to look when hearing his/her own name. One can look for other things, but what identifies us from the moment of birth, always comes to our ears.

Just take the test at a large gathering of different groups where they are talking about different topics, and try mentioning a person name in a close group. That person will turn instinctively to look at you.

Just as great leaders, who have had the charisma so that people recognize them for their qualities, you can see the capacity they had to remember the name of the people, always calling them by their name no matter how long has it been since they first met them.

When people hear someone uses their name to greet them, that is enough to start the meeting with the right foot. Imagine for a moment meeting a neighbor of years, or with a client, and ask him to remind you his name because you have forgotten it. Then you can imagine the result.

Just as the name itself is a pleasant sound everybody would respond to in a good manner, so it is with the language.

In speaking in their native language, you're telling that person that he/she is important. This is one consideration to take into account when/if looking to nurture a fructiferous and long-lasting business relationship.

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States



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