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Mayo 2, 2012

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American Franchises in search for Hispanic Prospects

Many franchisors are considering the Hispanic entrepreneurial spirit

As we saw in our previous article, this would be the other side of the same coin. Many companies, as we mentioned in the first part, are translating their websites into Spanish in order to capture the attention of Hispanic entrepreneurs, who on the other hand, according to recent studies, almost 70% of them dream of owning their own business. That is, they aren’t content with being in a dependent relationship.

It is a good way to communicate with the Hispanic community, speaking in their language, showing the relevance companies are giving to other communities of different national origin.

In many cases, although these are business to be developed in the United States, companies believe that having taken the first step in communication, then everything will take place so they can develop their business throughout the world.

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States

This may not be necessarily so, as we see how communities that tend to live in neighborhoods where people from the same origin buy in stores from people of the same origin, and this is seen very clearly in cosmopolitan cities like New York, Miami , Chicago or the west coast and the border with Mexico and Texas. Texas is clearly the second state in Hispanic population after California, but it accounts 36% of the total population.

Since 16% of the population in the United States is Hispanic, it is an important minority, and has become the largest minority in the country. But we can also see the potential of the Hispanic Community when we note that in the age range from 0 to 18 years, the Hispanic community represents 25% of the population.

It is much more common in states that do not have a great Hispanic population for them to tend to be more in touch because of their obvious minority.

Communications with franchising companies

As we mentioned, many companies continue their relationship by communicating in English, but it's not that the person making the contact doesn’t understand or can’t communicate in English. In the case of many processes of knowledge for new common challenges, people want to develop them in their language of origin because of their greater ability to hear the tones, the way it is explained and to detect the advantages and disadvantages of a particular business. There are processes in which people who, despite speaking a language very well in the country they live at, for certain processes, instinctively such as doing a mathematical operation, they feel safer "playing in their field," meaning doing that in the "language" from their culture of origin.

In the case of individual franchises, it works like that in many cases. Not to mention when investors want to buy master franchises, where in many cases they don’t have the full understanding of the terminology in English but which they handle very, very well in their language. They know how to ask, what to ask and they know what a silent or empty rhetoric is when expressed in their language. In sum, they want to decide, and they want to do it safely. At the time of studying contracts and technical issues, they will have a team of professionals who can instruct them. This is another stage.

In the globalized world of today, the language is still relevant

Many companies understand this, because in businesses, especially in franchises, where the "mutual confidence" element is extremely important, the more you facilitate communication with prospects, the more chances of success in communication and the resulting mutual understanding. 

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States


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