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Mayo 19, 2011

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The Hispanic community continues to grow in Arizona

New business opportunities for Hispanics

The Hispanic population in the State of Arizona is one of the fastest growing populations in the country when compared with the last decade, according to Census 2010. View Arizona at a glance.

The increase in total state population in the last decade was 24.6%, and the Hispanic population grew 43%.

Arizona ranks fifth in the number of Hispanics in the United States. It is preceded by California, Texas, Florida and New York when taking into account the 50 States that comprise the nation.

The Hispanic community makes up 30% of the total population in the State of Arizona.

Search business opportunities and franchises in the State of Arizona

Expansion in the Hispanic-owned businesses

It was foreseen by the data obtained a decade ago that by 2010, one in ten companies would be in the hands of Hispanics in the United States. And in the case of Arizona, the figures confirm that growth in Hispanic entrepreneurs.

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce, based in Phoenix, AZ accompanies this increased participation of the Hispanic community in the state, and as stated by the AZHCC, its mission is to promote small businesses in an increasingly diversified market, with a permanent performance during the past six decades.

It defends the growth of Hispanic businesses throughout the state, offering marketing seminars, workshops and events and many other activities to better prepare Hispanic entrepreneurs in the State of Arizona.

Franchise Opportunities for Hispanics

Businesses for Hispanics have been growing very rapidly, and it is a segment of the population taken into account when carrying out disaggregated marketing studies and attracting entrepreneurs from companies seeking to expand through the franchising system.

Take advantage of business opportunities for Hispanics

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Search business opportunities and franchises in the State of Arizona
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