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Mayo 18, 2011

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Liberty Tax Service ® offers a significant business opportunity

Franchises playing a social role

The tax preparation industry provides a service for the entire economically active population, and that is recognized as fundamental, and everybody is aware of its importance.

We quote once more the familiar words of Benjamin Franklin, who said something so simple and profound that applies perfectly to the lives of American citizens when he said that there are two things that are sure in life: death and taxes.

A recession-resistant industry

No matter if you are employed, unemployed or rich, everyone has a common destiny in regards to taxes. Anyone knows that every year on April 15 is the last day for filing your taxes. This binding activity is not affected by the level of activity in the economy.

In the recent past, President Bush, in 2003, pushed for tax changes through a legislative package that involved changes for the next decade. More recently, in 2009, President Obama promoted a stimulus bill with several changes to tax law that is still implementing those changes.

There have been over three consecutive decades of changes to tax laws. Changes to tax laws vigorously promoted the activity in the tax preparation industry.

The tax issue has become increasingly difficult for ordinary people. Figures from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS, for its acronym in English) shows that there is a growing market of taxpayers and about 63% of them have hired a professional to prepare their taxes this year.

Everyone knows that when dealing to taxation it is essential to act according to laws, but more importantly, it is necessary to reflect the behavior in a proper and effective manner, complying with the rules and taking advantage and claiming the benefits that may be applicable.

Liberty Tax Service ®, a low cost franchise

Liberty Tax Service covers a dream market for any industry, customers are convinced and forced to act properly in their tax preparation.

Liberty Tax Service offers the possibility of starting your own business in your area, as there are no small markets since every economically active person needs to prepare their taxes, something that is more and more complex every day.

As a franchisee of Liberty Tax Service, you will have all the support, training and proven business management of over four decades of activity.

Learn more about your choices

Consult us without any obligation, and without any additional cost, not now and not in any subsequent step of the process.

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