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Mayo 4, 2011

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Commercial and Residential Cleaning Franchises a Profitable Business

An industry that is not fashionable

The commercial and residential cleaning industry, is not acting on certain groups of people, at certain times of year, or even at certain times of day, and that’s why we can continue.

This industry serves a human need. There has always been a need for cleaning.

Entering to this industry to establish your own business is a very good idea.

This activity is not seasonal and it is recession resistant because health is always a need in homes and public or private buildings despite the budgetary requirements.

Have you heard someone say that will pay attention to their health when they have money?

The logical and normal thing is that in the family and business budget cleaning, meaning not only being in a nice place, but always being compromised with the health of those in the interior where proper hygiene is not assured.

Search the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States

Low-cost franchises and ease of access

In the residential cleaning franchises market, entrepreneurs will know how to distinguish this business opportunity, since you will find companies of recognized brands to help you set up a franchise with financial, technical, management and marketing assistance.

The investment grade is decided by future franchisees with the ongoing advice from franchise companies. In many cases the business starts at home, keeping their normal work activity; this is why these are low cost franchises.

Companies often provide data on new clients and services to be performed, and in turn these companies will be investing in the new franchisee. This business opportunity is not common in other industries to set up a franchise.

Learn More About the Buscatufranquicia Opportunities

Those investors and entrepreneurs interested in acquiring a residential cleaning franchise may refer to: http://www.buscatufranquicia.com/franquicias-Limpieza.cfm.

Meet Molly Maid, an industry leader since 1979, having 5,000 vehicles on the street making Molly Maid a recognized and respected brand throughout 40 states. Molly Maid has over 400 franchisees.

ServiceMaster Clean is also another of the selected companies, which has 4,500 franchises.

ServiceMaster Clean offers franchisee candidates, financial assistance that will definitely boost, if they have funding doubts.

Another company also selected because of its importance and history is Stratus Building Solutions, who specializes in complete and commercial building cleaning. More than 20 years in the market give this company a solid recognition.

Starting a Stratus Building Solutions franchise takes determination and effort to meet quality standards this brand offers to its customers. The franchisee will find support on issues such as financing, marketing, training and all related with customer's attention.

Search the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States
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