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Marzo 8, 2012

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Franchise for Hispanics with good business ideas

Fiesta Franchise (Insurance and Tax Services) a successful franchise

The company Fiesta Insurance Franchise Corporation has had a great development in its franchise operations and currently has 150 franchises in full operation in different States: California with 50 businesses, Texas with 22 and New York with 13. It is no coincidence that among these three states you will find almost 57% of franchises granted, because California is the first state in the country with the presence of Hispanics in its population, Texas ranks second, while New York ranks fourth (Data from Census Bureau 2010).

Fiesta offers its franchisees to develop many more services

You can start a business with auto insurance service only. You can also offer the tax service as well. And there is the possibility that if the prospect has a business already with related activities such as accounting and bookkeeping, banking, travel and tourism, vehicle registration, notary public and more, Fiesta Insurance Franchise Corporation, will help you if you are interested in expanding your business activity with a franchise, or in the conversion of the same. For this you should consult us promptly, depending on the state you live.

Legislation on the franchising business in different States

The laws of some states require that the Franchise operating in its territory is registered and accomplish a range of information and conditions. Fiesta Insurance is registered in the States of California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Virginia. It is also registered in the Registry of the Federal Small Business Development (SBA). The latter is important to qualify for a federal loan; the said government agency can guarantee it to the lender when the conditions for a regular loan are sometimes not feasible.

No previous experience is required

The company has a training program so you can learn the know-how you have developed. This is done in its Headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA relatively near Los Angeles, CA.

After that, the franchisee has a permanently assistance from professionals in the Company, from choosing the right location, support for the negotiation of the lease (if applicable), support starting operations, local and regional marketing. Everything is included in the cost of the franchise.

To learn more, please complete the form below. There is no charge now or at any subsequent step of the process. 


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