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Marzo 9, 2012

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A franchise looking for fun, responsible and hardworking people

Fruitfull® Franchises and the success of its excellent natural products

The Fruitfull® franchises by Happy & Healthy Products Inc. has reached a degree of success because of its innovative healthy and nutritious products. These frozen bars with nutritious ingredients and pieces of real fruit, rather than products made of sugar, water and artificial flavors.

The founder and president of the company, Kamm Linda Kerr, was the one who embodied in 1991 one of the foremost business ideas for the industry, since she was always convinced that offering a healthy product, not just as candy for children, but a suitable food for adults and for those who appreciate their health. This point was crucial, but it should be accompanied by a team of people who could add value, honesty and effort to provide a one of a kind service for the company. And that was achieved.

A very good franchise to run from home

It is a franchise that doesn’t require real estate investments, since the sale is primarily as a wholesaler, i.e., serving shops and retail spaces. It can be exercised part-time or full time. Orders are placed online, and then the products are delivered by the Company in specially equipped containers for refrigerated products where the franchisee picks them up for delivery to different customers.

A great combination is also to get personally involved in retailing in festivals and social events that take place regularly within the community, where even the children of the franchisee usually stand for joy and how to manage in those places where sales are important. You can have the long proven over time necessary means for this purpose.

A solid and recognized franchise

Franchise specialized magazines such as Entrepreneur and Franchise Business Review have included Fruifull ® franchises in prominent positions several times in their listings typically set based on the behavior of the franchising companies in various aspects.

There are no limits in the places where you can offer products

The most successful franchisees today have clients in places like hospitals, schools, health clubs, military bases, corporate cafeterias, hardware stores (yes - hardware stores!), gas stations, ethnic markets and video stores. A space where people move or stay is a good place to sell Happy & Health products.

Previous experience in selling these products or any other product is not necessary

Happhy & Health has a proven know-how that already has nearly two decades of proven results. Prospects wishing to start their own business will be trained by experienced professionals who will accompany them on their first visits to solve real-time sales and service situations. This will be the culmination of a previous selection, where they will evaluate the ability, desire to improve and if the prospects are able to enjoy doing a good work, following directions and policies that are communicated. To become a franchisee it is important that the Company is satisfied that you will be a new member of the Fruitfull ® Franchise family.

Learn more about this opportunity and how to start a business with Happy & Healthy. Your consultations are free of charge, now and at any subsequent step of the process.

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