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Marzo 14, 2011

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Broaden the horizon acquiring a Cruise Planners / American Express Franchise

What is Cruise Planners

The American travelers have been making trips with the American Express trademark for over 150 years. Starting a business with the support of Cruise Planners which is a the travel agency of  American Express, will provide the franchisee an instant recognition from users, since the trademark has a great prestige in the market, in all fields of business.

The company Cruise Planners is the Travel Agency of American Express.

It is not important to have a previous experience in the industry

Cruise Planners / American Express have a very intensive training program for new and current franchisees of their trademarks. It is the Cruise Planning University (CPU).

This is a permanent program to maintain an exclusive line of work with all franchisees, whom will be trained prior to their final incorporation to the operations and whom will be constantly updated with seminars, webinars and a yearly convention.

What you need to be a franchisee of Cruise Planners/American Express

The future franchisee wanting to be part of the Cruise Planner team should have the people skills and knowledge of what a pleasure trip is.

This is a business you can perfectly develop from your own home.

You should have the qualifications and enthusiasm to incorporate all the teachings that will be provided in the Cruise Planning Training Program and to comply with a proven know how, in order to fulfill the objectives that will take you to success in your own business.

The franchisee should perfectly understand the desires and needs of customers in order to satisfy them. The company will understand the franchisee so he/she can know how to sell and know the advantages of the service provided.

Being accessible and friendly, giving customers the duly attention about their concerns and feelings is something that can be improved, but you have to have the natural skill to kindly and sincerely serve customers, with the permanent objective of customer satisfaction.

A relatively low startup costs

The franchisee should come up with one of the lowest startup costs in the market. In return, he/she will have his/her own business with one of the Companies with the highest recognition in the market, and a permanent professional Support to develop the activities he/she will be performing on his/her own, but always with the due support.

Complete the information that might be needed

To know more, please contact those that can satisfy your information needs, no strings attached, and with no additional costs for the consultation, not now or in the future. Please complete the following form:

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