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Junio 1, 2011

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Hispanic population growing business in the State of Illinois

Hispanics make up a large community in the State of Illinois, and have ongoing support from institutions help them develop their small and medium enterprises, as well as starting their own business, something that now is available for those entrepreneurs of Hispanic origin. View Illinois Statistics.

Hispanic business profile in the State of Illinois

The Hispanic / Latino community in the state is composed by more than 2 million inhabitants, making it a minority with a strong presence.

Hispanics population in Illinois is sixth in the 50 States that compose the nation, after the Hispanic population in California, Texas, Florida, New York and Arizona.

As we can see from the Census data published in 2010, Hispanics account for more than 15% of the total population in the State of Illinois, with a steady climb in the last decade with a 32% increase, while the rest of the population had a decreased almost 1%.

This indicates that the Hispanic influence in Illinois continues to grow at a very promising rate.

Search the best business opportunities and franchises in the State of Illinois

Solid Rock Business Opportunities

As mentioned before, there are plenty of institutions that support the activities of the Hispanic population in the state. In discussing business, we can mention in particular the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce based in Chicago, IL.

The mission of this institution is to continue supporting the Hispanic business activity in the state, providing free support to its members, with training, valuable information, and any assistance to established businesses in order to improve their presence and new ventures having the information and tools necessary to successfully enter the market.

Where can you can find expert information

If you are Hispanic and you are thinking about starting your own business in the State of Illinois, we suggest you to visit the following sites to collect useful information about the market and your potential according to your conditions, abilities and tastes:
  1. Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, visit: www.ihccbusiness.net/, where you can get the support you need, because that is one of its fundamental missions. It has over 1,400 members and is the voice of more than 45 000 Hispanic business owners.
  2. BuscaTuFranquicia.com, visit: www.buscatufranquicia.com, where you can learn tips in your search for franchise business opportunities within the State of Illinois. As you know, starting a new business at your own risk, involves having a significant investment capacity, knowing the market where you entering and having the marketing, administrative, financial, and staff support. In the case of a franchise, you are getting a proven business model, a recognized brand in the market, and all necessary support to develop their own business, supported by professionals who know the know-how of your business. Studies are repeatedly showing that franchising has a success rate of 85%, while with a sole business enterprise; the chances of success are only half of that.
Search the best business opportunities and franchises in the State of Illinois
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