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Enero 17, 2012

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Starting a Business in the United States

A step forward to "making your living"

The natural way in which society has evolved from the earliest times has gone through individual subsistence, through a social group with increasing organization and specialization in terms of the tasks necessary for daily living.

Many steps have been fulfilled in the socio-economic organization, starting on barter, being its main feature that there is no exchange value as with the equivalencies to gold or the actual currency, but the uses, customs and needs of each area directly positioned any given merchandise in a hierarchy that was then used in transactions.

After that we see the emerging markets of buy and sell appeared, what then was called "commercial bourgeoisie", meaning those who exploited their personal abilities and included merchants who traveled through the territories with innovative merchandise. To be brief, we come to modern times, with a real division of labor in society, and replacement of human labor with machines as part of the economic transformation product came of the Industrial Revolution that took place between the second half of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Business opportunities are no longer for an "elite"

The United States, with an increasingly open market for those entrepreneurs in search of a good business idea, offers options for starting your own business, focusing your investment into a profitable business without first having special knowledge so you can be part of an industry or activity. That is how franchises emerged (the term was coined in the Middle Ages in France). As it is known today it is a business model applied by Singer after the Civil War in order to expand its business.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs

As stated by the International Franchise Association (IFA), nearly 5% of all businesses in the United States correspond to the franchise business format.

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States

What is franchising?

This model makes it possible for people with the required capacity to earn money as "representatives" of a business while being independent entrepreneurs. The brand is expanding its business (franchisor), giving an entrepreneur (franchisee) the possibility of applying the know-how developed by the franchisor for a certain time and place.

To fulfill this "know how", the franchisor provides the franchisee with the necessary knowledge to implement the work plan by implementing an adequate education and training.

Learn more about the franchise business

For more information on this business model, read more at www.buscatufranquicia.com/en, where you can make inquiries you deem necessary, for free.

 Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States


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