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Febrero 3, 2012

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Do you have a very good business idea in mind?

Analyze which way may be the most effective way to capture your idea

Because of your preferences, work or professional training, you know an industry well enough. However, take the step to work on your own after years of dependency is not easy. Although that by starting your own a business you can capture all the experience you've capitalized through years of working for others, taking that step involves some risk. Especially knowing that the market is constantly requiring you to be at the forefront of excellence; offering what market demands, and with "one eye" always focusing on innovations, whether that’s new technologies, trends or customs that make you stay competitive.

The risks of where to apply your investment

Although for years companies have developed a successful "know how" in certain fields (in fact, today there is huge a variety of industries and activities). That success in business made these companies that knew how to make money; but to continue to expand on an ongoing basis, they needed a larger payroll every day, resulting in continued investment to maintain sustained growth in order to administer and manage logistics, creating larger and larger departments of Personnel, Legal, Equipment and Machinery, Real Estate Investment as well as supervision.

That’s the reason for the growth of the franchising format which provides a proven support activity for a company that needs to expand without becoming a mega-centralized-company with the structure and investment implications of such enlargement. The franchise model provides the ability to continue growing almost indefinitely, having "manager-owner-investors." Who will look after the business better than someone who is a "partner" and who is also contributing with his own capital?

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States

In conclusion, you have two clear choices

1)     You can start your own business at your own risk, which implies knowing the market, the suppliers, a suitable location with all the formalities of real estate, and so on. Meaning what we already know or can quickly deduce. The risk of your investment will be important, because imposing a new business (new brand), even if it is very well thought, takes time. Clients do not change just "because" unless you are in an industry where you had established important relationships with many customers. Even if you've prepared, the only truth is the real situation when "you start your way."

2)     A more conservative way is to choose a franchise where your work history, occupational and general education makes you feel more comfortable and confident to take your new path, with all the support of an established and consolidated business with an immediate recognition. You will have adequate training to excel at your business, where every detail has been achieved through years of experience (someone else tried and failed before in order to establish the best course of action). You will have an invaluable support by a professional staff in all aspects of the business (marketing, administration, supplies, etc.)

To learn more about franchising opportunities, please continue visiting: www.buscatufranquicia.com/en  

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States


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