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Diciembre 6, 2012

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The business of the vending machines


The machines have a long history. These were well-developed in London in the early 1880s, with the installation of vending card machines. But the real development began 1882, in New York City, when Thomas Adams Company installed gum vending machines on the subway platforms of the city, with great success.

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Installing these machines combine the following strengths:

·         No need to have staff present for the machine to sell

·         It is located in a place with massive transit of people

·         Ornamentation of the machine with flashy colors and designs

·         Low maintenance and care, compared to straight selling without stopping

Strategic location, according to the product

Depending on the product, there are special and general places where these machines can be installed with great success. The main premise is that it should be in a place where large crowds attend or transit, being visible and accessible for public convenience, having nice and flashy designs.

There are vending machines that can be installed anywhere without restrictions, as it available to all audiences, all the time; such as offering soft drinks, where every place is great to install them, such as gyms, schools, public and private offices and any place where the public or a good number of people usually transit or stay at.

Shopping malls are places where many vending machines are well-placed.

Variety of products for vending machines

Just as a sample, we can mention the most common products sold through vending machines:

·         Processed foods

·         Soft drinks

·         Subway or train tickets

·         Coffee

·         Newspapers and magazines, etc., etc.

Franchises, a way to expand points of sale

Many companies, whether with products with regular points of sale, such as soft drinks, cigarettes, etc., use vending machines, which serve as a brand awareness, in addition to providing a service. Many others have special products that can multiply its presence in a territory with a large expansion at a lower cost through franchising, since the machines and products are delivered to franchisees which can take care of them part-time for collection of cash and replenishment of products, where the original company doesn’t have to create a huge structure. A machine could be in California and one in New York permanently in operation, each one with an individual and independent owner.

Benefits of vending machines

  • A low-investment business
  • No need for investments in real estate or rentals
  • Quick installation and low moving costs
  • You can organize your time to meet this business
  • It is a business that works, depending on location, 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • It is a typical home-based business
  • It has a feature that makes it unique, being that it is also providing a service


Find out more now about the conditions of vending machines franchises, a profitable business that can be executed without abandoning your main activity or profession.

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