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Diciembre 12, 2011

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Stratus Building Solutions is one of our most sought after business opportunities


Start your own recession-resistant business


Stratus Building Solutions is an excellent opportunity to start your own business under the security of a strong brand with the franchise format, ideal for the difficult economic times of today.


The company began operations in Saint Louis, Missouri, in 2004, with the momentum and experience gained over 20 years in the industry of its founders Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese; who began with the franchising format the following year.


It currently has nearly 5,500 franchises in full operation (having doubled the number of franchisees in the last two years), which larger group is located in the United States. At present, its main goal is to have greater presence in areas of the West, as well as on the East Coast, including as well the Middle-East of the USA.


Internationally, it has been developing new franchises in all continents, with special emphasis in countries such as Canada and Mexico.


A business that can be perfectly managed from home


The only basic requirement for applicants to be franchisees, is to run your business in person, since the training you will be provide with covers all aspects of the business, because for Stratus Building Solutions the know-how needs a leadership committed to service excellence, characteristics that have led the Company to be in a position of leadership in this $ 100 billion industry. Entrepreneur magazine ranked Stratus Building Solutions # 4 last year among the top home based franchises. For new franchises, with 5 years in the market it was ranked # 1 in 2010, by the same rating expert.


Regardless of economic conditions, weather or any other issue to consider, buildings in general will continue being cleaned. This is a low cost franchise, and investment is consistent with every situation. Some people start on their own, and some people have a lot of staff. As you grow confidence the business will grow.


Commitment to service excellence


In order to maintain high quality standards in customer service, Stratus Building Solutions needs your commitment as a franchisee, facilitating your integration and your own new business development with ongoing support to your management:


  • Personal training, to successfully master the know-how of the company.
  • The company needs its franchisees to do their job, so you will have general administrative and marketing support, including a list of potential customers living in your area of operation.
  • The required cleaning supplies may be provided to you through a credit line and competitive pricing making your business more profitable.
  • You can get financing for your franchise fee and many more benefits making your main commitment to do your best to comply with the "philosophy of work" for which they will train you.


Learn more about this unique opportunity


To learn more, refer to those who know more about the franchising business, without any additional cost, not now, at the time of consultation or at in any later step in the process, please complete the following form:

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