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Diciembre 5, 2011

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How to decide whether acquiring a franchise is right for you?

We know there are thousands of franchises with proven success

The franchise is a format that has been proven for decades, but it is not for everyone. The businesses started under the franchise model have a much greater likelihood of success than the business started on their own, alone.

Of course, there are those who have worked in industry for decades and know the market very well and all the secrets and necessary contacts (suppliers, customers, etc.) and have high chances of success in their venture. Promising outlook, but what about you?

There are several questions you should ask yourself before deciding to acquire a franchise.
  1. First of all, you have to be convinced that having a business is what you want for yourself, regardless of whatever the causes, which may have different origins, some of which are:
    • You may want to interact within a particular industry, to get to know it better, but you're tired of being an employee and you think you can get more incentives by having your own business.
    • It can also be the case that you've reached an age where it is difficult to compete in the market with new generations, which is very common in modern times.
    • You may have friends or acquaintances and you've seen a proven franchising success.
    • Whatever your motivation is, you must consider several convincing factors that this type of business, or working on your own, are consistent with what you really want for your life.
  2. You should take into account that evaluating a business is not the same as being an employee. The limited responsibilities that you could have in the past now converge all about you. And it has its consequences, which you should know if you like or not, or if you can adapt to the same:
    • You must consider if the changes in your lifestyle and spare time from your new activity could change your mind.
    • You will have to be certain about the type of industry in which you feel most comfortable, according to your personality.
    • You should not stop your self-assessment about your natural or acquired conditions and your tastes and abilities.
    • It is also important that when ignoring something you don’t mind finding more information.
  3. Once you have “overcome” the above steps, if still want to get a franchise, you will enter into a deeper study of your financial situation, and which industries or brands are more suitable for you.
  4. You should confirm you have the economic and financial capacity to successfully start this type of business.
  5. Once you have accomplished the above, when you understand what kind of business is right for you, visit at least some stores to see their development, imaging yourself behind the counter. You will have a vital input to your objective and subjective evaluations.
  6. This is the time to seek specific information and consult your doubts with qualified advisors who will help make your assessment.
This is not just a "snapshot" of the most common steps that you must take to make sure whether a franchise business is right for you, and that type of activity you should enter to.

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