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Diciembre 26, 2011

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10 Reasons to have your own business

Let's see the reasons that have motivated men and women to create businesses and companies, leaving the security known to many as the formal employment or the salary from a company that does not belong to them:
  1. Because everyone can be an entrepreneur. You do not need studies, qualifications, a last name, or a high IQ score to do so. What you need at first is the desire and the perseverance, if you get clear objectives, observe, learn and reflect on your mistakes you can make it. You don’t even need large sums of money. Mario Hernandez, a great designer, with over 100 stores currently selling his products, started with nothing in his pocket, as he says, and his business was on the verge of bankruptcy more than once, yet today has a medium size business which is strong and is growing.
  2. Because you can earn more than you earn now. It is not a secret. The owner of the company you work for makes more money than you. If you were a business owner, your income wouldn’t be determined by a figure set by the company you work for, but your effort and your dedication would determine your income. In your normal work, you can work from dawn to dusk and just earn the same salary. As an entrepreneur, the more you strive and work, the higher your income. Do you know how Carlos Slim started? He was not born as an entrepreneur, he was not born rich, but today is the world's richest man.
  3. Because you're the boss. You don’t need to follow instructions from others; you will give directions and get advice from others to guide your business in the direction you want it to take. Sometimes you will be wrong, but even the greatest businessmen have done so, and every mistake can lead to new opportunities.
  4. Because you can take control of your personal life. As your business grows you will start adding staff, partners, employees, and you will free up valuable time that you can devote to your family, your passions, and everything you love and that is guaranteed by the financial security provided by your business or enterprise. You could devote to philanthropy as Bill Gates (Microsoft) does, or great challenges such as Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic).
  5. Because you can develop professionally. You shouldn’t have the slightest doubt, your new business will provide you with new experiences, new knowledge, all of which you will accumulate up to be considered an expert or the best in your field. Again, you're the one who decides the level of effort and dedication you give to your business, but the important thing is that your business will be a dynamic entity, not only because it will change, but also because it will change you.
  6. Because you specialize in what you are best. As you start your business you will realize that you are better for certain aspects of it. Maybe you're better in sales than in finance, or you are better to find opportunities or solve operational problems. Whatever it is, eventually you will be adding employees and people in your life plan based on your business, which not only will allow you to free up time for your family, but will allow you to specialize in what you do best and that contributes most to your business.
  7. Because your ideas grow and multiply. You're not limited by corporate policies from another company. It is your business; your ideas and you're in command, so you decide and you are the one who innovates and gives life to new concepts, creating new opportunities. You establish the limits!
  8. Because your work experience is invaluable. What you know, what you have learned, what you studied, what you have observed, what you have thought in your business, in your life, in the way to work, all that has great value, much higher than the payment you receive. It is the knowledge that is fed every day and which multiplies faster than your income as an employee. Take the advantage, start your business and you will find out that what you know is valuable!|
  9. Because what you have to offer is something that someone needs. In your mind there can be products, services or solutions that no one had seen in the same way, or that no one has ever conceived. And if it is a product, service or solution similar to those in the market, most likely you can differentiate it from others with a different design, a better attitude, better price, or simply because there is room for all in a growing global market, if we consider that the human population is not reducing but growing.
  10. Because your business will constantly motivate you. Whether to get more time with your family, to offer a revolutionary new idea to the world, to earn more money, or whatever, your business is a constant source of motivation whit which formal employment can’t compete. You set the schedule, you create the ideas, and your dedication is rewarded proportionally with time and money ... What are you waiting for?
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