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Diciembre 13, 2010

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The World of Franchising for Women

Over the past few decades, more and more women have been joining the workforce. For years they have proven their equal value in the world of business. However, at the same time, more and more women are becoming jaded over the day to day politics and corporate nonsense that comes with being an employee of someone else's company. This has inspired a large number of women to seek out the challenges and rewards that come with being self-employed, and many choose to obtain that self-employment through the world of franchising and business ownership.

What Women Can Bring to the Franchising Table

Much research by analysts has discovered that women hold many of the traits that lead to successful businesses. For instance, many women interested in franchising come with a great deal of education,
and have gained much experience in a corporate environment.

Research also shows that, in the world of franchising, many women prove to be more savvy risk takers than men. While they will likely steer their business clear of any risks that may put their family's well being in jeopardy, the same woman is more likely than her male counterpart to take the risk of stepping outside the box in order to save her client's investment.

These traits are some of the reasons that franchising is such a suitable option for women. With a franchise business, there is usually a strong business model already in place, which reduces any insecurity regarding personal risk.

Women are also generally more relationship-minded than men. When building a new business, this trait is crucial for forming relationships with clients and vendors, as well as other experts in the same field. A woman is less hesitant to ask for information and advice to assist themselves in providing the most value to their clients.

Traditional Franchises for Women

Some particular market niches are more naturally suited to many female entrepreneurs. Some women are more comfortable with businesses geared toward products for children or that are involved with service organizations.

Other franchises that many women find themselves attracted to are businesses related to the home, such as decorating or kitchenware sales. Travel-related businesses are also very common.

Non-Traditional Franchises for Women

Although the above traditional markets are the most popular, more and more women are starting to break from tradition and are striking out into niches that are more traditionally male-dominated.

Auto repair shops and security system installation franchises are some popular examples. Some women even choose to enter markets such as retailing videogames, not because they are personally interested in the subject, but because they find their particular business skills are well-suited for success in this area.

In closing, we have now seen how, in the ongoing race to close the gap between women and men in the world of business, franchising is an excellent option for the entrepreneurial-minded woman. The pre-determined business model, along with the built-in support structure of a franchise, combined with their own natural talents, make franchising an excellent fit for guaranteed success.
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