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Agosto 27, 2012

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A Modern Franchise to Start Your Own Business

Cartridge World is Ranked Number One Around The World for Replacement Printer Cartridges

Cartridge World # 1 en el mundo en cartuchos para impresoras

Cartridge World has become the leader in replacement ink cartridges and toner refilling solutions around the world. The brand can be found in more than 60 countries and 1,700 stores, of which 650 are located in North America.

Industry Recognition

The business publication Entrepreneur recognizes Cartridge World as:

Number one in toner replacement
Number 13 in the category of fastest-growing franchises in the United States

Get Started as a Franchisee in a Billion Dollar Industry

Approximately 140 million laser and ink-jet printers use an estimated 400 million toner cartridges each year.

The world simply relies on printer cartridges on a daily basis. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that follows the principles of a consumable high demand commodity and a limited supply. Cartridge World specializes in providing reasonably priced after-market solutions to households, businesses and educational institutions through the friendly retail storefronts of our franchisees.

By making the decision to join the Cartridge World franchise family, you will be in the good hands of a company that is a global industry leader. You will have the added benefit of instant brand recognition in the market, and you will also have the support and experience of a company that has been training new franchisees for many years. These factors have allowed the company to notably expand in the United States and around the world.

A Cartridge World franchise will give you:

• A strong corporate identity and a proven marketing model.
• Your own state-of-the-art products and high-tech equipment.
• Real estate advice and a construction and design team to build a high-quality retail storefront.
• A two-week comprehensive training course followed by continuous field education.
• An ongoing and dedicated support system.
• A complete Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and your own Point-of-Sale (POS) system.
• Initial stock and work supplies, as well as the required equipment to get you started.
• A store grand opening and inauguration program.

This is a business opportunity to become another one of our successful franchisees. Ask us about the conditions and requirements to take advantage of this opportunity and join a business that is in the midst of expansion and rapid growth. Your inquiries and requests for information are at absolutely no cost. All information is provided free of charge.

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