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Agosto 18, 2011

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Available Franchise at The Maids

Unbeatable offer from the market leader in residential cleaning

The # 1 in the residential cleaning industry has 30 years in the market with leading franchises, considering the surveys conducted by Franchise Business Review on the satisfaction of franchisees of all brands in terms of the support and results from the responses provided by franchise partners, making their business safer and more enjoyable and with optimal results.

Franchise Business Review ranked The Maids in the first place among the franchises that give greater satisfaction to franchisees.

Initial and permanent support to franchisees

The Maids provides its franchisees with the latest technology in both cleaning supplies, such as the patented backpack vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration that can capture up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet residues, pollen and other contaminants.

This cleaning tool is part of the Healthy Touch® 22 step deep cleaning system.

This unique cleaning method provides an excellent cleaning for homes that protects customer’s health through the use of premium cleaning products compatible with the environment, which meet or exceed the expectations of those who require The Maids services. This cleaning method also keeps the franchise operators healthy.

It also provides the franchisees operative teams with adequate training to deal with all types of cleaning situations. The company’s know-how, allows the franchisee to achieve the best daily results with the highest performance in the industry.

Franchisees are backed up permanently with the latest computer systems, customized software to allow the franchisee to have an effective monitoring and control of all their business key points.

A training plan that ensures successful performance of the franchisee

The Training Plan for all franchisees that join The Maids, in a first step includes the entire team that will join the new member in his/her operations so that each of the fundamental parts that make up the franchise will achieve the successful outcome expected understanding the work system in order to secure a first class service.

All matters concerning good performance and market penetration of the new franchise are studied in detail, so that each member understands how to act to replicate the Company success it has been carrying out over decades of excellence.

Independent franchisees managing their own business, but not alone

A Marketing Plan is specifically developed for each franchisee and with his/her participation, supported by a professional from The Maids serving as an instructor in this matter. Nothing is left to chance, since after decades of market performance it is well known how to ensure the development of the entire potential offered by particular area in order to be consistent with the overall results of the successful company they represent.

Ask about the conditions for incorporation as a franchisee

Feel free to make whatever inquiries you consider necessary in order to know in detail the excellent offer by The Maids so you can join as a franchisee the successful family that makes this prestigious company.

Consultations are free of charge to the client, who won’t be charged now, nor at any later step in the process. Categorías: General: Franquicias Generales | Limpieza Residencial: Franquicias

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