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Agosto 15, 2011

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Alco Buddy allows you to participate in a profitable franchise

A part-time home based franchise

You can acquire a franchise from Alco Buddy, the maker of the best breathalyzer vending machines. The best places to install these vending machines are all those public places where alcohol is being served.

We all know the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol, and even though everybody is different, it is extremely useful to know the amount of alcohol in your blood when deciding how to get home.

In those establishments where alcohol is served, it is a good policy to have a breathalyzer vending machine, demonstrating in that way the importance of customers for that company.

Alco-Buddy offers you the chance to start your own business by placing Alco-Buddy breathalyzers vending machines in facilities around your community. The machines can be purchased in units or in larger amounts, according to the investor's financial capacity.

This business is both cost effective and it meets an important social role by contributing to a responsible alcohol intake, which ends up benefiting the entire community.

Alco-Buddy can advise you on the best places that are suitable for the installation of these machines in your community. You will also have the necessary support to start negotiations with the right contacts and with technical support needed for installation.

A large market of responsible consumers

The market is the public who attends the various establishments where alcohol is served and in order to be responsible they use the service offered by these breathalyzers to find out if they can drive and decide how to return home after a meeting or dinner, and they can do the check discreetly.

Alco Buddy will advise you to decide where they can have better performance in your community, such as in restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, nightclubs and a long list that includes all the places you know, where drinks are sold alcohol.

Learn more about this low investment business

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