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Abril 4, 2012

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Froots Franchises: Smoothies, Ensaladas & Wraps

An improved business idea, with a personal touch

The Froots Franchises stores are not just a fast food place; they are real fast food restaurants. With over a decade in the market since its first individual business in 2001, it went into the franchise format, which is the ideal way for a successful business needing a rapid expansion because of its positioning and recognition in the market, without the need for substantial investments, allowing it to face different markets, cover a larger territory, all at the same time.

The important thing is to have a proven know-how to transmit it to prospects willing to buy franchises and their own business, backed by a brand already in the market and with a very good projection.

The difference made by healthy products

Every day more and more people are becoming aware of the need for a healthy and nutritious food, and that is possible with offerings made by Froots. Eating fast because of the modern world nature doesn’t need to be coupled with the idea of ​​bad food. Froots combines natural, nutritious, good tasting and quality products, without detracting from the need of fast meals, in many cases lunches during working hours, with the short time that entails.

From South Florida and across the country

If you are part of those who have dreamed of owning a business, now you have this opportunity to get guidance on how to start a business with the invaluable support of those who know how to go ahead and instruct you on the philosophy. The minimum investment required is $50,000, depending on the area to open your store (which will be advised and supported by the Company professionals, who will pave the way to achieve the best location in terms of traffic and features at the lowest possible cost.)

The previous activity of the franchisee is not important

It is not necessary to have previous experience in the industry. Training services and business knowledge will be transmitted to you by the Company's experienced professionals that will make you a member of the Froots franchises family.

You will have the benefits all franchisees have received, and thanks to that, they have established a recognized name and prestige in the market. This assistance includes, among other things:

·         Comprehensive training to implement a proven know-how.

·         A complete guide by delivering an easy reference Operation Manual.

·         Assistance to find the right place to install your store.

·         Continued support in marketing in order to enhance your presence quickly.

·         Ongoing support to achieve your business objectives.

Submit all your questions regarding how to become a successful Froots franchisee. Your consultations are free of charge at any subsequent step of the inquiry process.


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