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Abril 8, 2011

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Tex-Mex Curios Offering a Healthy Franchise


Since 1944, in Corpus Christi, TX, Angelita and Alfonso Orea started a boutique business, selling herbs and natural products, after buying a business established in 1901.

In 1976, Angelita Orea, leave the business to her daughter Lucia. Lucia inherited her parent’s natural talent, and turned into an expert in hundreds of herbs, mixtures and spiritual oils to promote a natural healthy balance.

In 1991, Lucia turned the business to four of her six children, whom being the third generation in business have managed to keep the family tradition developing products and supporting their customers, their ultimate objective, by offering them goods and services to promote a positive healing.

Today, it has the best products developed from natural herbs for over six decades in the market and three generations in business.

Healthy Mind and Spirit in a Healthy Body

It has been more than 60 years of development in the use and mixture of herms, traditional rituals and medicaments based on experience and the use of natural elements.

A Business with Excellent Results Involving a Way of Life

TMC Mind Body & Spirit offers franchisees:
  • Training in the development of new businesses.
  • Business installation previous and subsequent support, in the knowledge and application of a successful line of products for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Marketing support.
  • Permanent support from an established and successful brand in terms of advertising and promotion.

Helping Mind, Body and Spirit Health

The Orea had the vision to help the community in their need for healthy solutions for their mind, body and spirit, being among the first to participate in the new age movement with a holistic approach. Holism is the doctrine promoting the conception of each reality as a whole, different from the sum of all parts comprising it.

You now have the opportunity to participate in a profitable business to the service of community, in an industry that in time has become a billion dollar market, and with a great rate of expansion.

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