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Abril 16, 2011

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Hispanics in California, with a great support to start their own business

California has the largest proportion of Hispanics in the country

According to the data released from the 2010 Census, we now have official data to back our observations. 37% of the population in the State of California is Hispanic. This means more than 13 million people.

We know that the spirit of this largest minority has the desire to be your own boss.

Organizations you can get support from

Hispanics not only have immediate recognition, as they are important and prominent part of the population, but there are institutions Hispanics can get support from in order to solve your questions, gather information and take the pulse of business.

California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce is the leading professional organization in California State acting in the interests of Hispanic entrepreneurs. With a network of over 65 Hispanic chambers of commerce and business associations throughout the state, the CHCC represents the interests of over 700,000 Hispanic businesses.

Its primary mission is the promotion, training and education for emerging companies in California.

Search the best business opportunities and franchises in the State of California

Start your own business

To start your own business at your own risk, you must know which industry sector you are in. You must know the market and all aspects of the business, supported by your own financial and administrative organization.

Another alternative is to start your own business, but not alone. That is, acquiring an established franchise with the market recognition, with the proven know-how and proper training by the franchisor company.

Within the market, entrepreneurs will know to distinguish a business opportunity, as we will find companies of reputable brands to help you set up a franchise with the due financial, technical, administrative and marketing support.

Studies indicate that the cost of starting a business at your own risk increases start-up costs 3 to 6 times when compared with the acquisition of a franchise.

Also, for business in general the probability to do well going alone is less than half that of acquiring a franchise, where the success rate accounts for more than 85%.

In the website of California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce <>www.cahcc.com> you can find companies which know about business in general, for example, with the software support needed for business development. And in BuscaTuFranquicia.com <www.buscatufranquicia.com> you can consult with those most knowledgeable about franchises, at no cost now or in the future, visit us without any obligation.

Search the best business opportunities and franchises in the State of California

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