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Abril 6, 2011

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DirectBuy, a franchise in a different activity

DirectBuy, a franchise in a different activity

About DirectBuy Club

DirectBuy is a private Club, for which to be member you have to pay membership fee which allows you to receive exclusive information to buy at very low prices, lower than the usual retail prices.

DirectBuy, makes a profit with the membership, and its advantage is the Support of 400.000 members, whom are capable to buy everything they need for their homes (anything they want) at prices lower than the usual retail prices. Those 400.000 members allow for the purchase volume of Direct Buy to be very competitive, making it able to offer better prices, directly from factory for their members without any additional cost.

Members are able to choose more than 700 brands and about 1 million products.

Getting a DirectBuy franchise is the first intelligent and successful purchase

Being a franchisee with DirectBuy is very rewarding, both economically and the satisfaction of fulfilling the objectives with great prizes for the sale levels you reach.

Being a franchisee with DirectBuy, allows you to be part of a team that knows how to make a profitable business. And the profitable businesses are only attained with an accurate, intelligent and well-suited know-how, and with a better communication with your franchisees.

That is why DirectBuy is permanently supporting your sales team in stores, with really important rewards and incentives. The objectives are not just attained with the highest quality products in the market at the best possible price, but with your own Business Administration School allowing you to succeed with a solid education in a proven business.

To the above, and given the relevance DirectBuy gives to the education and incentives for their franchisees, we can schedule support visits to the DirectBuy stores, the regional meetings, the consolidation of a training that never stops, and additional to that there is a Notable Conference where attainments are analyzed, new objectives are established and basic concepts are reaffirmed.

The incentives attained by the most notable franchisees include trips and luxury cars. This is something you don’t see in the franchise business and not at this level.

More information about a DirectBuy franchise

To know more about details, conditions and any other information you might need, please consult those who know more about franchises, at no additional cost for your consultation, not know and not in the future.

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