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September 12, 2013

Corporal beauty franchises: The market for hair removal centers

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Beauty and esthetic franchises in the market consolidate more each day

A little history about beauty

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Throughout history, the parameters of beauty ideals have constantly changed.  The beauty industry sets parameters that are then distributed by the media, which are generally difficult to fulfill.  Women have always been the prey of archetypes that are difficult to achieve.  In some eras, cellulitis was cited by classical poets as a sign of beauty. Cultures impose models to be followed according to the time and place.  Without wanting to elaborate, we can cite something that is unexpected in modern times, which is obesity in women.  At one point in history, obesity symbolized wealth, demonstrating that the woman could eat whatever she wanted without suffering any hardship. 

The same way it has always been, beauty parameters exist today, where, above all, there is a push to leave behind all inhibitions.  As a result, the market for esthetic treatments for men increases daily, which in turn drives up demand, and the trend becomes more noticeable.

Beauty and esthetic franchises in the market consolidate more each day

Within the beauty treatments that are offered by beauty salons, we can note:

•  Hair removal services increase in demand daily.
One of the most noticeable differences in the types of treatments offered is the incorporation of hair removal services for men.  50 percent of men admit that they have unwanted hair in some parts of their bodies that they never really noticed before.  Additionally, young women, particularly after adolescence, also require regular hair removal services. 


•  It is a market experiencing clear growth.
Over time, people have stopped removing unwanted hair themselves since this service is offered in pleasant locales where people go to visit and shop and with techniques that openly surpass the rudimentary ones that are used at home.  They also serve as a way to relax, a parenthesis to an accelerated daily life, which means that the practice serves two purposes.
•  A service where specialization does not exist.
Hair removal services are offered in diverse places, pointing to the importance of demand, which evidently is induced by strong publicity efforts and influenced by a shift in the paradigms of beauty. 

Hair removal services are offered in Esthetic Centers and in Clinical Centers under the supervision of medical professionals such as dermatologists and surgeons.  And in the specific case of depilation, services are offered in diverse locales, including hair salons and corporal massage centers. 

A way to spend a day relaxing in a beauty center with hair removal services

Hair salons have, along with elements that are common to other activities, certain specific characteristics that make them successful endeavors.

They successfully balance the search for pleasure and the public’s necessity for their services.  People in general enjoy visiting malls and plazas, and even though they usually go because they need to buy something, they also relax in a calm environment where there are no difficulties with parking and where they can feel their children are safe without worrying about the dangers of moving around public streets.  This makes people predisposed to demand services that further improve this moment of relaxation that everyone needs.

The service that beauty salons offer include personalized attention which leads to customers returning to the places where their personal tastes are satisfied.

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