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November 22, 2013

BuildingStars® a new concept in cleaning franchises

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BuildingStars® has developed several franchise programs, for prospects living through different work situations.

A franchise focus its efforts on customer satisfaction

Buildingstars Commercial Cleaning Solutions, with 20 years in the market, it has been able to stand out in an industry where there is high demand, but which at the same time has thousands of companies that are prepared to meet this growing demand.

The company has three main pillars, which are:

•  The selection of prospects, who in turn are offered a smart way to pass from a life of dependence in their income from their jobs, to an orderly and gradual transition towards their dream of forming their own independent business with a part-time experience that allows them to assess, to formed and get trained to move to other levels of commitment and time.
•  Instrumentation of better education and training and the motivation of its actors within the company.
•  Compliance with the expectations of customer satisfaction.

BuildingStars® has developed several franchise programs, for prospects living through different work situations. These are flexible programs, permanently updated and tested in time. It has increased support to the franchisees and a monitoring for each particular situation lived by the new entrepreneurs.

Franquicia Buildingstars


Franchising programs offered in three alternatives

•  SmartStart Program. Developed for people interested in becoming franchisees but retaining their present work. It has the advantage of being part-time and it is low cost. This allows that the franchisee to live the experience of being part of a franchise company, acquiring knowledge and security, so that the transition to their own business is done without risks or low income periods thanks to this change of activity.
•  GerenteOnSite Program. Once you have experienced with the SmartStart program, you can pass to the next level of independence with a new business without having to incur in additional expenditures.
•  Corporate Program. The basic approach of this program is focusing in cleaning large office buildings, where revenues in this market niche is four times higher the traditional cleaning activities that have a mix of companies and other activities, with special modalities and different locations.

Advances in the status of consolidation and earnings of franchisees

The Rising Star™ program has set up a team of very qualified and experienced franchise managers, whose driving force is the motivation that this program offers to increasing the levels of participation and earnings of franchisees.

Rising Star™ provides franchise managers a clear way to progress between the various stages ranging from OnSite to Corporate.

Each stage in the development has the support of a technical training program. While promotion between the different stages of the process is based on the ability of the franchisee to deal with different levels of performance evaluation, allowing you to overcome them, increasing their yields and resulting in a highly profitable business level.

All the activity of the franchises is based on a unique quality control process

BuildingStars® has its process own quality control process, which comprises an optimal balance between technology and human contact. The key is to perfectly know customers’ expectations of those customers who hire the company.

In order to know this, franchisees are encouraged to undertake the first month of services, in order to be able to develop a document where customer expectations are evidenced. Once an expectations document is established, a performance monitoring is carried out in order to compare them with the desired standards and correct any deviation quickly so that the performance is within the parameters established for that customer.

For more information, to: Your questions are free of charge, you are not charged for making questions now or at any subsequent step in the process.

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