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November 12, 2012

Some franchisors mistakes when recruiting Hispanics

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The franchisees commit certain errors that can recruit Hispanics to waste all efforts and even they can waste time and money.

The Importance of the Hispanic Community

According to the latest statistics and reports provided by the 2010 Census Bureau, the Hispanic segment is the group with the highest population growth in the United States. For this reason, this group of people has become a very attractive target for all industries, including the franchise sector. It is well known characteristic of Hispanics always lean towards having their own business.

For franchisors looking to expand your business, an interesting option is to focus its action plan in a group like Hispanic, showing remarkable growth rates. However, in many cases franchise owners commit certain mistakes that can get to waste all efforts and even they can waste time and money.

The most common mistakes

- Make generalizations. At the time of building relationships with people who are part of a particular group (in this case Spanish), sometimes assumptions are made in terms of customs, culture, etc.. But the best thing is that all preconceptions and stereotypes left out, because when you make assumptions about a demographic that is not known in depth, usually only achieved worse.

- Do not count on the team with people who speak Spanish. Approximately 40% of Hispanics living in our country have limited English management. For this reason, the ideal is that people can communicate with someone with whom to share the mother tongue. Thus, minimizing the chances of incurring misunderstandings due to communication problems.

- Not understanding that the finances of Hispanics or Latinos are different. Commonly Latino people come from countries where banks are not very stable, so generally do not have confidence in these institutions to commit their resources. To the average white American citizen, have a (at least) or several bank accounts is standard and is used to preserve most of their funds in those accounts while using credit cards for their transactions, always seeking to improve your credit history. However, much of Latinos (35%) still do not have a bank account and a further large portion (60%) do not have credit cards. And in the case of those who do have them, rarely reach credit scores obtained by non-Latino customers.

- No custom design and web content to the particular group that seeks to attract. Both advertising and presentations, like everything he does to a website such as must be designed taking into account special form who are targeted. This is a rule not only to attract Hispanics, but whatever the group is trying to capture, always analyze what is the best way to reach the audience in question.

- Use automatic translation programs. Although the translation software is quite advanced now, text generated by machine translators have underlying intrinsic lack of content to cultural group that is trying to reach. For greater security, it is preferable that advertisements, articles, etc.. be completely rewritten and where possible, that this task is carried out by a native speaker. That will do much better communication of the business opportunity that is trying to communicate.

If a franchisor intends to capture the Hispanic segment of the market, it is very useful to know these errors so common, in order to avoid them. This may increase the chances of success attracting franchisees within the Latino community.

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