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November 2, 2011

Switch to cleaner air with the Ductz franchises

Ductz is the largest residential and commercial air ducts cleaning franchising in the United States.

Ductz is a division of BELFOR, the world's largest property restoration, with about 3,200 employees in approximately 160 locations in 27 countries, including 72 offices in North America.

Ductz is the largest residential and commercial air ducts cleaning franchising in the United States.

Ductz professionals are experts in the restoration and tuning of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning), following the most stringent systems to ensure an outstanding performance in the increasingly known and important IAQ (indoor air quality).

A matter of public health

There is increasing awareness about IAQ, both in offices and in private homes. Scientists and specialized journals began long ago to make announcements outside the world of science, so that people could collaborate with clean air, for the sake of the community.

They followed governments’ regulations for polluting industries, especially staggered adequacy standards to be met by industries in order to continue to function.

If this was the beginning of awareness, I could not stop there, and it was followed by a wide dissemination on IAQ and basic protocols, because it was not enough to close the windows.

People spend at least half of their life outside home. And medicine made its contribution to detect serious health consequences from respiratory diseases generated by polluted air, especially indoors, in the presence of mold and bacteria that harms people, some more than others.

Ductz is aware of this situation and applies the latest techniques in its reconstruction and cleaning work.

Opportunity for entrepreneurs

Ductz offers a franchise for those who wish to have their own business, and in which working conditions suit the different circumstances of the investor activity. The following are the main features that characterize this franchise:

  • Resistant to recession. Because the activity is not something that can be postponed, whether it is summer, winter, or with a low activity level. The priority will always be to have good air conditioning, ventilation or heating, especially when it is not only a matter of comfort but of the very health of the family or staff as appropriate.
  • Repeat customers. The service includes not only the duct through which breathing air passes, but all that has to do with the places where the bacteria and other pollutants accumulate, such as upholstery and carpets mainly. Of course you need to perform maintenance on a regular basis.
  • Franchisee network. The Company has customized software, from which the franchisees benefit because they have automatic redirection to their business, as well as calls from customers.
  • Introductory and Training Plan. The prospect will be offered with a trip to the Company Headquarters, to learn more about the business, guided by the Franchise Development Manager, through the various sectors of the company. And as the owner, the franchisee goes through a complete training with the JumpStart Program, which includes two weeks at the Training Center located in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Many more benefits. Financing, operate from your own home or office, flexible work schedules, standards, etc.

Learn more about this successful business opportunity

Learn more about the conditions offered by Ductz franchise. To do this, consult those who more about franchising, at no cost, not now or at any later step in the process. Please complete the form below:

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