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May 28, 2013

Your Own Cell Phone Repair Franchise

A CPR franchise only takes about an hour to repair a cell phone, with a little time added for the most complex of cases.

Cell Phone Repair Franchise Systems: Why is our business successful?

logo franqucia CPRWe focus our business on a piece of equipment that everyone has - the cell phone. Everyone will eventually need repair on their cell phone. No matter the economy, this service will always be in demand.

Along with this evolution in the massive use of cellular technology, smart phones have incorporated features and uses that were simply not possible at the beginning of its appearance, and every day new devices and applications of every variety appear on the market.

Cell phones were primitive at first and they were taken as something disposable. However, as the phones began the inclusion of specialized functions they brought with each new upgrade higher repair costs. This forced the majority of phone users to purchase a new phone every so often because of the expense of the repairs.

Today, most people keep a cell phone long enough to actually invest in a repair. Unfortunately, most major cell phone manufacturers have been limiting their customers' repair options to one incredibly inconvenient process: mailing the phone to some centralized assistance center and simply wait.

In current times, not having a cell phone working perfectly is usually more than an inconvenience to a luxury; it is a problem that can affect the ability of businesses and families to coordinate their movements (business meetings, meetings, taking children to school, recreational or cultural activities, etc.).

Cell Phone Repair has succeeded because it fills this market need

Buying a franchise CPR® (Cell Phone Repair Franchise Systems, Inc.) means that a business owner now has the capacity to repair cell phones from all manufacturers, iPods and electronic devices such as games. Having a CPR ® location means that customers will not have to worry about the unpredictable waiting times of centralized repair locations with a huge backlog from across the country. In comparison, a CPR franchise only takes about an hour to repair a cell phone, with a little time added for the most complex of cases.

Whenever an efficient service covers a demonstrated market need in this direct manner, it is bound to find success.

Advantages of CPR ® franchised units

1 - CPR ® has the advantage of repairing all of the latest cell phone models and additional applications that users demand, generating a suitable income for the franchise operator.

2 - Effective training and coaching support will ensure that you have a qualified repair operative on the premises at all times. Prospective franchisees will also be trained in all aspects of the business with two-week courses on the premises of the Company franchise. Franchise operators will then continue another two weeks under the direct tutelage of a franchise coach in order to ensure that operations begin correctly. From then on, franchisees will receive ongoing support from the central office whenever they need it.

Learn more about the conditions of this remarkable franchise by clicking here. Your initial consultation is at no cost. Nor will you pay for the time of your coaches to begin your franchise office or any subsequent step of the process.   

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