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May 6, 2013

Fast Food Franchises Continue Their Rapid Rise

According to a recent report from, the fast food industry continues to be one of the industries experiencing great growth.

A Lifestyle That is Here to Stay

According to a recent report from, the fast food industry continues to be one of the industries experiencing great growth.

The American lifestyle, on a day-to-day basis, and especially in large cities, leads to people often finding themselves far away from their workplaces and due to their schedules being forced to eat breakfast, lunch and snacks whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them. 

The service offered by fast food places is a great solution to this problem, since these offer a place to fulfill one of life’s necessities, which is eating.  These fast food businesses are concerned with creating peaceful, appealing spaces. 

Being able to sit down comfortably to enjoy a meal, during whatever time the patron has available, is another advantage.  This is where the label “fast” comes from.  Whether we have leisure time to sit and enjoy a meal   or only enough time to eat quickly and go, fast food restaurants make it easy to do so.

If you take the time for some observation, as I often do when writing about these types of businesses, in big cities you will notice that near large business centers patrons often arrive in waves depending on the office they belong to. 

I have also noticed that on stormy days, people do not arrive at their usual time, but a line usually forms in the take-out area, and normally there is one person in charge of buying food for many who have chosen not to leave their offices due to the climate.

Fast food companies have designed different businesses to meet their clients’ tastes, and this is a good way to compete.  It is true that if a business is located in a convenient place, it will draw in a lot of customers, however, if someone wants to eat real pizza, they will walk two more blocks to find Sir Pizza, even if they have another fast food option nearer to their office. 

Franchising is One Way Successful Companies Can Expand

With the franchise format, a company that has developed a successful business idea and offers products and services that the public demands is able to multiply in many fronts at the same time, since there will be an “owner” to take care of each business and to contribute the capital necessary for its development. 

The important things are to begin with a good business idea, with an adjusted and proven know-how and with a training team for new franchise owners so that they can learn how to replicate the business  model exactly as it was originally conceived.

A Pioneer Industry

At the end of the 1940s and the beginning of the 1950s, after World War II, many roads began to be built all around our country.  The constant movement in these roads was intense.  As a result several fast food companies that had been successful in the big cities began to appear on the roads, near gas stations, where a large number of travelers already stopped, recognizing the restaurant logo, and not having all day to stop and eat, enjoyed their services. 

With this example of the fast food industry, many other companies saw that the idea was truly successful.  Today, there are franchises in all types of industries and activities one can imagine.    

A Recession-Resistant Industry

Independent from the activity level of a given country, the fast food industry is usually not as affected as the luxury goods and services industries.  Enterprising Hispanics, who through their idiosyncrasies have the spirit to be their own bosses, have continued to bet on fast food franchises. 

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