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May 17, 2012

Beauty Salons Franchises and their continuing success

Beauty salons have common elements with other activities, but they also have characteristics that make them a successful activity.

They continue growing a recessionary market

Beauty salons have common elements with other activities, but they also have characteristics that make them a successful activity.


They balance very well the pursuit of pleasure and the need for service by the general public. The general public is pleased to visit shopping malls, which although is usually due to a need to buy, they are provided with relaxation in a tranquil environment, where there are no difficulties with parking and where they feel their children are secure. This predisposes them to demand services that increase that moment of relaxation we all need…


So there are many Beauty Salons in places where people not only shop, but is also more relaxed than in the street, that is why beauty salons are located in closed shopping malls with great success.


The service provided by beauty salons provides a very personalized attention making customers to return when they feel their tastes and whims have been satisfied.


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Franchise: a tool for growth


Because of this industry success, the number of stores has expanded markedly in recent years and the franchise format has been given the opportunity for many brands to grow worldwide.


Their know-how is successfully transmitted to both the owner of the franchise, which in some companies doesn’t get personally involved in full time, but does so through a manager. In any case, either the franchise owner or manager receive comprehensive training in order to consolidate a way to run the business as demonstrated through their “know-how” developed over time.


Stylists are treated differently, since they are not only trained in what the company needs them to know technically, but they are also constantly updated about styles, types of cuts and colors. Customer service guidelines are standardized in the different shops, but always with a degree of flexibility because of customer tastes.


No business experience is required


You don’t need to have previous experience, which is a very important point in the development of this activity, as this attracts entrepreneurs who see a business opportunity, without the limitation of being something they can’t handle.


As we said before, good training is essential for obtaining high-capacity prospects able to run a business, but without any experience within the industry.


A moderate level of investment to start your own business


Investment levels vary from one company to another, but in regards to results, there is no need for great investments.  Investments range from $ 50,000 to $ 200,000. The beauty salons industry ROI is estimated to be accomplished in an average of three years.


Learn more about this industry that keeps growing


Learn more about Beauty Salons Franchises, and to make all the questions you need to make, at no cost, not now or in the future, or at any subsequent step of the process.

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