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March 12, 2012

Fiesta Franchise Corporation is a franchise that keeps growing

Fiesta Franchise is one of the fastest growing franchises in recent years, with 150 franchised units in full working activity.

You can become independent in an activity that does not depend on the level of economic activity

Fiesta Franchise is one of the fastest growing franchises in recent years, with 150 franchised units in full working activity. Its main activity consists of private insurance as are those of auto, home, rental, motorcycle, health, life and many more. The same unit also operates in tax settlement.

The two main activities are resistant to recession

In regards to taxes: the law does not discriminate between magnates and unemployed because the 15th of April each year is the deadline for filing the income statement, and since that is not optional, economically active population has this obligation that no one can miss. Let’s remember the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin who said something as simple as deep, perfectly applicable to the lives of American citizens when he said that there are two things that are constants in life: death and taxes.

For the last 30 years the tax laws have continued to change, and now the situation is the same. The activity of tax preparation and settlement is driven by the increasing complexity and for the average citizen this means to keep up with these changes. According to information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has reported that in the past year, about 65% of taxpayers prepared their tax returns with the help of professionals in the field.

In regards to insurance: we know that in most states car insurance is mandatory, so there is at least one insurance policy for every car that you can see in the street. This market is always growing. A market with the conditions any other business activity would want to have. Moreover, the biggest assent most people have usually is their home, so home insurance is highly required. Not to mention the most precious for any individual: his/her family, in order to secure their future welfare in case of death, a tranquility provided by the purchase of life insurance.

Do not miss this business opportunity to participate in a profitable franchise

Fiesta Franchise offers a proven and successful "know how", and all the support needed to start your own business:

·         No previous experience required. Training programs will put you in a position to operate successfully.

·         Marketing programs that benefit you. These marketing activities are carried out at regional and local level and are included in the amount of your investment.

·         Support to finance your venture. You will be provided with the support and contacts to secure third party financing.

·         A low-cost franchise. The minimum capital required is $ 50,000.

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