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March 21, 2011

We Do Lines, a home based franchise

We Do Lines is a company offering a franchise at the #1 place in the Marking and Painting of Parking Lot Lines.

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We Do Lines is a company offering a franchise at the #1 place in the Marking and Painting of Parking Lot Lines.

All the vehicles in circulation, proportional to the population mobilizing in the area or commercial area, universities, stadiums, clinics and may other places. This has been widely studied and proven by facts.

Being relatively new in the industry, this is one of the franchises with the fastest growth in the market and is at the top within its industry field.

A path with great potential

We Do Lines offers territories for the franchisee to work and develop. This is decided by means of market research with a demographic analysis showing the potential in the specified territory.

From there, a marketing plan is developed with all the necessary steps to achieve the sales objectives. You will receive the information to contact customers in your territory.

The franchisee will notice the recognition the brand he/she is representing has, with the local support in terms of advertising provided by the franchisor.

How territories are determined

As mentioned above, by means of detailed research, a territory is determined with a minimum of 350,000 parking spaces to exploit per franchisee.

Support to the franchisee

Aside from the benefit obtained from the research previously done for each territory, in which you can clearly see the business potential, the franchisees receive the permanent support from the beginning of their operations.

First, you receive the information about the elements needed in your job, the methods and usage of the same, with a proven training and with proven results.

You will also receive knowledge in sales and customer service. You will receive the permanent support of the technicians at We Do Lines.

With all the support by the company, the times to do the jobs are reduced to the minimum, not delayed by administrative or communication times, since there is a centralized control so you can develop the business in your territory without delays:

  • Call centers that don’t stop at any time.
  • Online estimates, reducing time and effort, and offering an on-time and adequate response to customers.
  • Online invoicing, all you have to do is entering the information of the job to receive a fast response with the documentation.
  • Online replenishment of materials allowing an efficient continuous work and without having any stock.

All of this corporate support provides you multiple partial benefits resulting in an excellent profit margin. Nothing is new in terms of profitability, constant returns, by means of a responsible quality work, and controlled low costs. 

To know more about the opportunity of having your own business

To find out more about the conditions and benefits of a We Do Lines franchise, please consult those who know more about franchises, at no additional cost, not now, not in the future. Complete the following contact form:

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