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March 28, 2011

Snap-on: worldwide leader in tools, equipment and services

Incorporated in 1920, and headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Snap-on Incorporated is the worldwide leader in the tools and equipment market.

Incorporated in 1920, and headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Snap-on Incorporated is the worldwide leader in the tools and equipment market.

It started is operations abroad starting on 1931. Today the products and services of the company are present in over 150 countries. Snap-on assists the professionals that serve over 40% of the existing vehicles in the world. This market share will increase even more in the countries where Snap-on is currently present as well as new international markets where it is expanding its business.

Today it is present in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. It has 4,000 active franchises all over the world.

Their success has made Snap-on the global leader in the development, production and marketing of tools, equipment, and solutions for the professionals that use tools.

The 19.000 products of Snap-on are well regarded by those who know more about them: the end-users. This company is listed in the S&P500, including only the largest companies listed in NYSE and NASDAQ OMX, comprising ¾ of the stock market in the USA from American Companies.

Snap-on, present in all mechanical industries

The company Snap-on has the prestige acquired during 90 years in the markets of high quality hand-tools, tool storage solutions, diagnostic equipment, as well as hydraulic elevators for vehicles and tire removal equipment seen in any mechanical service business.

Snap-on assists professionals in the maritime, aerial, automotive and general mechanics industries, as well as governmental organizations.

Innovation and Human Relations

The main focus of Snap-on are not the sales, these are just a natural consequence of innovation in terms of equipment and tools, coming from the Research and Development Departments, but collaborating with users that express their daily needs to be satisfied. This “feedback” is obtained through a close communication with our sales force which main task is provide solutions, ask about problems and assist with warranties and financing. The customer esteems all that and it is the base for the great brand loyalty within the professionals using the tools and equipment every day.

A concept with great results among franchises

Snap-on franchisees are able to take the business to their customers, since they are literally riding vehicles and doing weekly visits, with scheduled visits from a list provided by the company for a specified area.

Their main action is the relation with customers, learning from them in terms of production objectives, knowing about their goals and needs, in order to contribute with the solution to their problems, working together to provide them the adequate tools and equipment for the specific job, making their life easy in the end.

Terms and Conditions to be a Snap-on Franchisee

First of all, it is important to note that having the experience in mechanics and tools is not necessary. The main required skill is the determination and availability to learn all that Snap-on has developed over decades of experience with an intensive, versatile, and original training program.

In regards to the financial strength of the potential franchisee, Snap-on has different plans and modes so anyone with the conditions and entrepreneurial calling can be part of the Snap-on family.

In basic terms, we can say the difference with other franchises is that there is no need for a real estate investment, since you don’t need a traditional place of business, there are no charges for the initial training, there are no charges for the advertising in support of the franchisees. You have to take into account that you won’t need staff either since the franchisee is the one driving his own vehicle, unless he/she wants to expand by acquiring new franchises.

The Snap-on market philosophy has the following pillars:
  • Products: unsurpassed development and manufacturing, satisfying market needs.
  • Innovation: being always on the leading edge in terms of technical needs. Training and assisting customers to improve their results.
  • Permanent training: Accurate communication from the beginning about customer attention philosophy and the knowledge of products and the constant maintenance to keep franchisees updated about the use of periodic technological changes.
  • Permanent Assessment: Being informed all the time about the capacity to transmit customers our company service calling. Snap-on considers that the success of the Company depends on the success of franchisees.
Snap-on is never content about its success, every day is a new start, and the company peace of mind is to know customers are satisfied with the superior products and services it offers, being its main satisfaction, which in the end is building the great confidence most users confer to Snap-on.

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