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March 17, 2011

A business field to start your own business: commercial and residential cleaning

You can start your own commercial and residential cleaning business by acquiring a franchise from a recognized brand.

You can start your own commercial and residential cleaning business. For that you will need to have been in the cleaning industry in the past, in order to know techniques, tools, methods and skilled personnel.

On the other hand, an important condition is to preferably have most of your time for the business.

You will need to have all the corresponding qualifications to operate, third party insurance, as well as some knowledge of your market.

The advantage is that you don’t need a large investment, and the market is growing day after day, since independently from the situation of the economy, places need to be clean all the time.

Another alternative is starting your business on your own but not alone

Another possibility is to start your own commercial and residential cleaning business on your own, but with a basic difference: acquiring a franchise from a recognized brand.

Most of the times, in this scenario, you will only have to deal with qualification procedures, insurance, organizing an administration—as simple as it could be—insurance costs, phone bills, etc. You will receive a proven know how, functioning marketing working for your business, and the support of state of the art tools and techniques as well as the skilled personnel trained by the franchisor company.

Basically you will be representing a well-known trademark where customers use to put down their confidence because of their proven service over time.

Basic Differences

In both cases the startup costs are relatively low, but the research made show the cost of starting up a company in solitary will increase the startup investment 3 to 6 times over the cost of a franchise.

Also for business in general, the probability of doing well is less than half than acquiring a franchise, where at in general you will have a possibility of success over 85%, being pessimistic about it, and taking into account that there are successful and not so successful franchisor, as in any type of business.

The support of a company that knows from experience how to get things done, and where all the aspects are controlled, giving you the opportunity to invest in a business without leaving your personal life in hold.

An industry in constant growth

This is a 100 billion dollar industry, being one of the companies with the fastest growth in the US.

It has been an activity highly resistant to recession, since houses, offices and buildings in general need to be cleaned.

It is a need that has been included in the budgets of families and businesses.

The clean and healthy aspect of a place increases self-esteem in homes, and projects a professional image for businesses.

Additionally, health of families or employees is something that can’t be disregarded.

On the other hand, this is not a seasonal business, it is necessary to clean the entire year, no matter what the weather or season is.

Some Commercial Cleaning Franchises are: Some Residential Cleaning Franchises are:

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