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June 21, 2013

The Right Opportunity for Success…Maid Right!

As one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, the cleaning industry manages $10 billion dollars a year.

A Good Way to Invest in a Profitable Master Franchise

The cleaning industry is one of the more dynamic ones that exist in today’s market since it is an industry experiencing permanent growth.  The vegetative population growth alone indicates that there will be never-ending demand.

Additionally, the current economic situation, with all the negative aspects in relation to the development of business in general, leaves important niches that grow during mayor difficulties, because society is conscious that the care of the family economy is not limited to taking rational and reasonable care of the budget.  Instead, there is more information available every day about the virtual savings involved in making better decisions that do not lead to more expenses or become of superior importance in the future. 

It is known that a dirty home is a center of contamination and disease for its residents, and society is more conscious about this every day.  Just like health and home insurance are not seen as waste but as a way to protect against future spending that the family might not be able to afford, residential cleaning is a way to save future expenses in health issues and the loss of income due to illness and necessary special care. 

The cleaning industry is very successful because it does not have any elements that can stop its constant growth.  It is not limited by schedules since cleaning can happen at any time of the day, according to the needs of the residents in each home.  Climate is also not an obstacle, and actually, the more rigorous the climate, the bigger the necessity for professional cleaning services. 

We can add to this that in many families all the members must leave the home to work, depending on their age.  The role of homemaker is a role that has been disappearing over time.  Before, there were no companies like the current ones, organized, professional and offering services at relatively low costs.  It is more profitable to receive an income and leave the otherwise exhausting work to specialized personnel that can do the work in the shortest time since they can use the latest technology, techniques and the most current products for cleaning.

Maid Right Franchise imagen 2 It is a Recession-Resistant Industry with Maximum Growth Potential

Professional cleaning is an activity that is highly resistant to the effects of the recession since maintaining a clean and comfortable home that is a pleasure to come home to after a long day at work to take a well-deserved rest, improves self-satisfaction and self-esteem.  This is why depending on a good cleaning service is not considered a wasteful expense, but one of the first life priorities for many families. 

As one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, the cleaning industry manages $10 billion dollars a year. 

Investing in a master franchise means acquiring a management business, where the investor can count on an established market brand and with all the support from the main franchise company.

The Benefits of Acquiring a Maid Right Master Franchise

Maid Right’s proven know-how provides a series of positive points that we can highlight:
•    A business model that has been proven and perfected by their sister company, JAN-PRO
•    A protected territory for its development
•    Strong support and continuous training
•    Regular office hours
•    Multiple income sources
•    A non-seasonal business

It is the Correct Opportunity at the Correct Time.

Find out more about the convenience of acquiring a master franchise. 

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