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June 25, 2013

An Insurance Franchise That Lets You Be in Good Hands®

The franchisee, who is an Allstate® insurance agent, is the one who knows the community where he lives and works. He is the face of a company with worldwide prestige.

The Safest Way to Start Your Own Business with Excellent Results

Relying on an Allstate® agency in Florida is a great way to forge a good future for you and your family.

As everyone knows, there are a lot of insurance companies out there. However, it is important to check into certain key factors when it comes to quality of service. A legendary insurance company offers not only coverage, but quick response time when their customers need it.

allstate florida Franchise

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Prices - There are a wide variety of prices in today’s franchise market. Cost is not the only determining factor when choosing a company. It is important to analyze more of what makes a truly valuable insurance company.

Product Offerings - The more choices of kinds of insurance, the better chance customers have to significantly reduce premiums for multiple policy discounts.

Company Strength - The economic soundness of an insurance business is essential in order to be able to evaluate the peace of mind that it can offer.

Companies That Have Representation in Your State

Many insurance companies that are established in certain states exist. However, they have no coverage for a good part of the country. Besides this important fact, Allstate has an established presence in your state. Customers always have the option of going to the insurance commissioner in their own state if they ever feel the need for additional support.

Customer Service

Professional consultation is important. The professionals who provide it must be qualified to counsel and guide the customer. This is true before the sale and during the coverage period. It is indispensable in the face of catastrophe.

Having all of this rolled into one company is a great reason to make it your insurance company. Allstate® Florida has all of them well established and has 80 years of market experience to lean on. The good hands® company is also the largest private insurance provider in the United States.

The Allstate® Franchise--Florida Is a Key Element

Franchisees benefit from the company’s training program. Schooling ensures the success of each new business. The proof of excellence in training lies in the outstanding sales results experienced by new franchisees.

The franchisee, who is an Allstate® insurance agent, is the one who knows the community where he lives and works. He is the face of a company with worldwide prestige.

Advantages to Buying an Allstate® Insurance Franchise

Allstate® Florida offers a lot to self-starters who want to own their own business:

  • Membership in the Hispanic business community.
  • A mark of prestige.
  • Strength and reliability.
  • Full training.
  • A great investment.

Allstate® values your management ability and wants you on the team even if you have no experience in the insurance business. Joining the Allstate® family is an investment in your future and in your community. Inquiring about the opportunity is cost free at every stage of the process. Allstate® franchisees pay no franchise fees, royalties, or registration fees. Our staff is happy to help you get started. Contact us today. The future is bright and it is waiting for you.

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