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June 2, 2011

Vellísimo Center, a rapidly expanding franchise

At the begining of 2011, Vellísimo Center has reached 100 franchises, and it is expected to grow 50% within a short period of time.

It is a company of Spanish origin that continues growing with great success, dedicated to body care and beauty, with a high level professional staff including training and technology to make effective, painless and quick treatments, among other things.

Its first steps in America were Mexico and Venezuela, prior to an expansion in the United States, Brazil, Ecuador and Central America

At the begining of 2011, Vellísimo Center has reached 100 franchises, and it is expected to grow 50% within a short period of time.

In the words of Paul Rossi from Vellísimo Center Expansion Department: "These markets offer Vellísimo Center an extraordinary opportunity for international expansion." Also, is already finalizing the selection of new franchises in various South American countries.

Vellísimo Center has positioned itself as an active franchise in the beauty industry, regularly increasing the services offered by its beauty centers, innovating and researching to provide the most suitable cosmetics and exclusive services and sales in its stores.

An opportunity for entrepreneurs starting their own business

Vellísimo Center offers a business opportunity with the greatest degree of expansion in the market today. 15% of older franchisees already have more than one store in operation, and it is estimated that at this rate, and the appropriate course of action, that number will climb to 35% of multi-franchisees.

The improvement in the competitive aspect attained by the Company, has positioned the brand with a very good price and quality, professional ability of its franchisees, and the development of innovative therapies and support with the latest technology. Also, they all have the cosmetics for every need, and custom treatments.

Decide to get a deeper knowledge and become a new franchisee

Learn about exclusive areas, costs, training and advice. Tell them about your data and your concerns. We will gladly provide you with the complete information.

If you move from this point you will know a Vellísimo Center from within, in order to have first-hand information, thus deepening the process will continue until you can be a new entrepreneur in this successful business.

Contact those who know more about the business, without any cost to the consultant, not now or at any subsequent step of the process.

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