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July 8, 2013

A Great Opportunity to Start Your Own Business: CPR®

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CPR® approaches the new franchise experience using a step-by-step method. The process is designed to give franchisees the right amount of training at the right time.

CPR® is the most prestigious name in the cell phone and electronic equipment repair industry

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The company repairs all kinds and brands, such as iPhones, iPods, Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, Kindle, Tablets, Music players, GPS gear like Garmin and Tom-tom, laptops, and much more!

The franchisor's home office is located in Summerville, Georgia. This is where the company selects and trains franchisees. The new business owners learn all aspects of the business as CPR® experts pass on the knowledge that made the company so successful.

The company has grown fast. CPR® has tripled the number of repair centers within the past three years. Currently there are over 100 locations worldwide.

Recognition from Franchise Experts

Entrepreneur magazine ranks CPR® at 51 out of 500 in rapid growth. The magazine has been following the trajectory of CPR® since its founding. It has continually moved up in the rankings and has risen by 217 in just two years. In the category of new franchises, between 2011 and 2012, the ranking rose from 36 to six.

The Reason CPR® Is a Success

Hand-held technology has evolved to the point where virtually everyone has either a cell phone or other device that is with them 24 hours a day. Added is the complexity of the technology that goes into these modern-day accessories. It costs a lot less to repair than it does to replace.

The idea of discarding cell phones due to technical problems or accidents has changed. The cell phone has become a semi-durable asset. Other repair businesses have not adequately addressed the need to repair rather than replace cell phones. The service takes too long. Clients need minimal downtime. Many repair shops require the customer to mail the phone for a diagnosis and repair estimate. This reality is one that most customers would rather not have to face.
CPR® offers express service. Patrons, if they wish, may wait while a technician repairs their device. Walk-ins are welcome at CPR®!

A Franchise that Fills a Need Previously Ignored

The leadership of CPR® delivers a proven formula for success. The proof is in the many successful franchises whose numbers increase regularly. The secret is their level of knowledge and ability to pass it on to new franchisees.

The Value of Licensing, Training, and Support

CPR® approaches the new franchise experience using a step-by-step method. The process is designed to give franchisees the right amount of training at the right time. There are four phases:

•  Intensive initial training.
•  On location training.
•  On site business opening.
•  Permanent support.

Franchisees spend 15 days training in actual business locations. The process continues at the new franchise location for another 15 days. The company provides assistance organizing and opening the new business. Permanent support continues as long as the business exists. Franchisees enjoy the physical presence of trainers when needed. They participate in telephone meetings. There are webinars designed to provide solutions in real time, and extended training opportunities accessible through a global support chain.

Learn More about Starting Your Own Profitable Business

You will find all the information you need by going to Set up your free account, log in and find the answer to all of your questions. CPR® experts are available to help you and it costs you nothing. Get started today. Your future is waiting.

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